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Clubs & Advisory Boards

Though classroom learning is at the heart of any graduate program, becoming involved in a club or an advisory board can offer a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, develop your leadership skills, or build your network.

Offering educational, professional, and community-building opportunities, the MBA Student Association (MBASA) is comprised of over 40 student-led organizations that focus on career paths, diversity, sports/activities and more.

The organizations are a unique part of the UNC Kenan-Flagler community. They foster camaraderie. They’ll allow you to explore specific careers, such as technology or marketing, or participate in activities with those who share similar passions. And, they’ll provide opportunities for you to shape the school and take on leadership skills.

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"In no way does a club have to align with your professional goals; you can participate however you want. That is the great thing about clubs at UNC Kenan-Flagler: There are more than enough to go around and never any shortage of clubs and missions that need help forming and growing and thriving."

Tony Piskurich Full-Time MBA 2020

Career Clubs

Community Service

Diversity and Inclusion


Student-Led Advisory Boards

Activity Clubs

We encourage companies that wish to engage with our students to volunteer time and resources by partnering with career clubs and other student organizations. Please contact club leaders (listed above) to discuss case competitions, site visits, speaking opportunities, and event sponsorships.