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MBA Student

Career Management

Know Yourself

Whether you’re entering business school to make the switch to a new career or already know what you want to do after graduation, we can help you map out a clear career path that matches your skills, abilities and passion. We’ll help you figure out where you want to be in five, 10 or 15 years, and then we’ll help you get there.

Your Assessment

The CareerLeader™, an in-depth self-assessment instrument, was developed after 12 years of research and is used by 130 MBA schools around the world. This self-assessment tool:

  • Offers expert assessments of your business-related interests, values and abilities
  • Provides a personalized report recommending specific business career paths and shows how you match those with your career
  • Explains how to integrate and use the information you’ve gathered about yourself
  • Includes in-depth views into 27 business careers, including information about the interests, rewards and abilities associated with each one
  • Evaluates your entrepreneurial attributes

Teaches you to analyze corporate cultures and recommends which organizational cultures are likely to be best for you.

“Having worked as a consultant before coming to UNC Kenan-Flagler, I originally thought consulting was the best option for me. However, I became more interested in marketing along the way. The Career & Leadership Coaches worked tirelessly to help me prepare for both consulting and marketing interviews. As a result, I was able to spend my summer in Atlanta as a brand management intern.”

Harsh Gupta Intern at Georgia-Pacific

Know the Market

Those perform best based on a good fit between who they are and the demands of the job. We provide a range of resources that help you identify and explore career options best matched to your preferences, goals, interests and abilities.

Market Yourself

Practice makes perfect. That’s why we make sure you have multiple avenues to prepare for marketing yourself to potential employers. These include networking opportunities, help developing your pitch, assistance with cover letters, and preparation for interviews.

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