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Student presenting in STAR program


Student Teams Achieving Results

Effective and Efficient Teamwork and Problem Solving

A unique opportunity for action-based learning to address real business challenges, STAR (Student Teams Achieving Results) gives you a deep dive into project-based consulting, collaborations and methodologies. Your STAR team will engage in a dynamic consulting relationship to solve a real business challenge for a real corporate partner.

The fullest expression of our expertise in experiential business education and reflective of our deep ties to the regional, domestic, and global business communities, STAR’s emphasis on real-world engagement offers unique benefits to you and the corporate partners you’ll work with.

In the space of a few exciting months, you will hone your understanding of how effective and efficient problem solving and teamwork happens:

  • Work as part of a small, diverse team.
  • Gain insights into how domestic or global business is conducted.
  • Devise innovative, actionable recommendations to solve a complex business problem.
  • Strengthen your leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills.
  • Learn how to deliver actionable and valuable recommendations to a real client.
  • Make valuable connections and develop career-building relationships.

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Three STAR Formats

STAR USA Experience

Domestic: STAR USA

  • Corporate partners are located in North Carolina or within the continental U.S.
  • STAR USA teams consist of outstanding full-time MBA and Undergraduate Business Program (UBP) students.
  • Teams travel one or more times to meet their corporate partners in person.
  • STAR USA projects run from January through early May.
STAR Virtual Experience

Online: STAR Virtual

  • Corporate partners are located anywhere
  • The flexible online format offers access to an even wider diversity of student talent.
  • Interactions and presentations are delivered online.
  • STAR Virtual teams consist of seasoned, working professional MBA students in the Executive MBA and MBA@UNC programs, who are located around the U.S. and the world.
  • STAR Virtual projects run from January through May.
STAR Global Experience

Worldwide: STAR Global

  • Corporate partners are multinational or global organizations.
  • STAR Global teams consist of MBA and Undergraduate Business students who seek experience conducting global business while in school.
  • Teams first work virtually in the U.S. and then on the ground for two weeks in a foreign country, with travel planned in conjunction with primary market research, data collection and final presentation to corporate partners.
  • STAR Global projects launch in January and culminate in a two-week in-country experience in late May.