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For Students

Real Consultancy Experience for MBA and Undergraduate Business Students

STAR gives you one of the most valuable and intensive business education experiences possible: a team-focused, project-based engagement with a corporate partner.

  • Work as part of a small, diverse consultancy team.
  • Gain insights into how domestic or global business is really conducted.
  • Make valuable connections and develop career-building relationships.
  • Devise innovative, actionable recommendations to solve a complex business problem.
  • Strengthen your leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Application is Open

Only one application is needed to apply for STAR USA, STAR Virtual and STAR Global.

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"Working with our corporate partner in real time, applying CSF concepts and frameworks, and building invaluable student and professional relationships along the way have made the STAR program the highlight of my MBA experience."

Derek Schujahn MBA@UNC

High-Demand & Competitive

STAR is a high-demand program with a competitive application process. We develop each team of MBA and Undergraduate Business students based on applicants’ experience, interests and compatibility with the STAR projects.

Once selected, you will serve as either a project leader (MBA students) or team member (MBA and Undergraduate Business students). STAR creates teams with a global or domestic business partner to solve a complex business challenge. Faculty advisers work closely with the student and the corporate partner to offer practical expertise, guiding the methodology and approach to ensure your deliverables meet true professional consultancy standards.

Time Commitment

STAR projects are valuable, substantially demanding learning experiences with corporate partners, defined scopes, timelines, and comprehensive deliverables.

As a member of a STAR team, you commit to spending 10 hours a week of time and effort equivalent to the most demanding business school class. STAR projects run for approximately 15 weeks of the academic year.

STAR projects begin in January and end in early May (STAR USA), late May (Star Global) and May or June (STAR Virtual), depending on the program option selected by the corporate partner. There is some pre-work in December and January.

Pre-Requisites or Co-Requisites

STAR is a 4.5 credit course for all participants.

Undergraduate Business Students

Concurrently enrolled in or have already taken Consulting Skills and Framework (CSF)

Full-Time MBA Students

Take CSF Mod 3

Executive MBA and MBA@UNC Students

Take CSF or participate in Consulting Summit

Student Commitments

As a STAR participant you agree to:

  • Perform top-quality work for credit, putting in an average of 10 hours a week of time and effort, equivalent to the most demanding business school class spanning, during about 15 weeks of the academic year.
  • Serve in one of two roles:
    • Project leaders serve as the primary contact with the corporate partner and faculty advisor, sets the agenda, conducts weekly meetings, organizes the presentations and manages the overall project. Only MBA students are selected to serve in this role.
    • Team members play key roles including technology, logistics, marketing, team building and financial officer.
  • Engage in all face-to-face and virtual meetings, including the Launch Weekend in Chapel Hill on Friday, January 24 and Saturday, January 25, 2020.
  • Uphold all aspects of the Honor Code.


Only STAR Global student participants pay a $1,500 program fee (billed through ConnectCarolina) and cover their international travel expenses (roundtrip airfare, visa, necessary vaccinations, etc.)

* STAR projects might require students to pay for travel expenses or printing costs up front and then be reimbursed during the semester.

"This STAR project has been one of the crowning achievements of my undergraduate career, to say it briefly — I could not have asked for a better team, nor could I have asked for a better project. It was a perfect match of my skills and interests, while pushing me to think about what I already knew in innovative ways."

Victor Brown Undergraduate Business Program