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The STAR Program: Corporate Partners

Engage the Brightest Minds to Improve Business Performance

A business plan to plan a women’s hospital in Africa. Helping NASCAR reach new audiences. A marketing strategy to grow demand for Christmas trees in North Carolina. These are just a few examples of the more than 350 final deliverables the STAR program has generated for corporate partners.

When you partner with a STAR team, you’ll gain business insights based on the latest research and developed by exceptional students. You’ll conclude the partnership with a set of evidence-based and actionable recommendations.  It all adds up to a cost-effective win-win.

  • Engage a team of our best students to solve a complex business problem.
  • Receive evidence-based, actionable solutions.
  • Identify high-potential recruits in a realistic working environment.
  • Build your brand at UNC Kenan-Flagler.
STAR USA Experience


We match corporate partners located in the continental U.S. with teams of outstanding full-time MBA and Undergraduate Business students. Projects run from January through early May.

STAR Virtual Experience

STAR Virtual

This flexible, online option for corporate partners located anywhere in the continental U.S. connects you with access to a diversity of talent. You will work with teams of seasoned, working professional and online MBA students. Projects run from January through May.

STAR Global Experience

STAR Global

We match multinational or global corporate partners with teams of MBA and Undergraduate Business students with interests in global business. Teams work virtually and in-country. Projects run from January to late May.

Get Solutions to Your Business Challenge

Whatever business challenge your company is facing, STAR wants to support you to find a solution. STAR projects can address strategy, branding, marketing, sustainability, operations, human resources and international market opportunities across a variety of industries and functions. The more realistic the STAR experience is, the more valuable it will be for you and our students.

If you’ve got a complex, current business challenge that will give our students an opportunity to dissect – we want to hear from you.

"I was incredibly impressed with the STAR program, the quality of the team and faculty advisors, and the thoughtful process and recommendations. What a win-win: Great developmental opportunity for UNC students who get to work on a real-world corporate challenge. Great opportunity for the organization getting a fresh perspective on a business problem. "

Larry Schneeberg GSK - Rare Disease

A Proven Approach Yields Actionable Insights

With the expertise of a faculty adviser, STAR teams follow the McKinsey Engagement’s TEAM FOCUS methodology and additional consulting best practices and frameworks to approach your business challenge. The method uses a hypothesis driven approach and supports exceptional teamwork, requires intentional data gathering, and values excellent communication skills.

Evidence-Based Business Recommendations, Delivered On Time and Within Scope

All STAR deliverables include research findings, a narrative to place the findings in full context, and a final presentation that lays out achievable recommendations and next steps for your organization.

More Information


Provide a detailed description of the challenge your business is facing and identify what you could consider a successful outcome from your STAR project.

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Engagement Details

"It was invaluable to expand our team's bandwidth with the help of the STAR team. They helped us explore vital topics, identified knowledge gaps and provided actionable recommendations."