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Entrepreneurship Concentration


Since 1997, the Entrepreneurship Center (Eship Center) has fostered a culture of entrepreneurship at UNC. As an MBA enrichment concentration, our focus is not job placement. Instead, our goal is to establish the leading U.S. business school-based entrepreneurship program that prepares you to build an entrepreneurial mindset and successfully transition to entrepreneurship through the course of your career.

All entrepreneurship courses at UNC Kenan-Flagler are electives, allowing you to immerse yourself in a tailored curriculum. A factor that sets our offerings apart is that the curriculum is complemented with innovative co-curricular offerings that enrich your learning experience.

You have a variety of career paths to choose from. You might launch a startup or join an existing one. You might join the startup investment community or you might a serve in entrepreneurial roles within larger companies. You may select courses that will support these various paths: founder/operator, funder and growth executive/intrapreneur or your may choose a mix of courses to get exposure to these various topics.

  • Founder/operator competencies, curriculum choices and co-curricular offerings are most appropriate if you are seeking to start a new enterprise or join an early-stage venture on the management team.
  • Funder curriculum choices and co-curricular offerings are recommended if you are preparing to join professional investing groups in venture capital and private equity and learn private investing techniques.
  • Growth executive/intrapreneur competencies, curriculum choices and co-curricular offerings are recommended if you would like to acquire skills to manage a growth-oriented private venture or serve as an intrapreneur in an existing enterprise.

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