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Pre-MBA Summer Programs

Pre-MBA Summer Programs


Our mandatory Orientation Week during early August provides a glance at what to expect over the next two years and how to better succeed in the MBA Program. There will be sessions focused on diversity, team building, leadership and self-assessment.

Orientation Week includes important information about the next steps of your career and the interaction you will have with the staff of the Career & Leadership Team. You will have the opportunity to learn more about managing your career search and the extensive resources available at UNC Kenan-Flagler.

Orientation Week also provides you with numerous opportunities to network with your fellow classmates and MBA faculty and staff.

"The career matching and leadership assessment tools we did in ASW helped me understand why I was interested in the roles I wanted to pivot to after business school. As a career switcher, that was an immense help in crafting my story!"

Guneet Thakral MBA Class of 2020

Analytical Skills Workshop

The value the Analytical Skills Workshop (ASW) provides to you as an incoming MBA student can’t be overemphasized. Every MBA student needs a working knowledge of microeconomics, probability and statistics, finance, and financial accounting. ASW will give you the opportunity to refresh these concepts or gain exposure to them.

We’ve also embedded Kickstart+ in the ASW experience to provide you important career, technical and program-related workshops — more than you get with the standard Kickstart+ before Orientation.

Outside of the classroom, ASW will provide you opportunities to network and socialize with your classmates prior to Orientation as well as time to comfortably transition to the Chapel Hill community before classes start in August.

" One major benefit of ASW was the ability to begin networking early with the majority of my incoming class, establishing genuine connections. Meeting everyone in a class of nearly 300 all at once can be pretty overwhelming. ASW provides numerous opportunities to mix and mingle in smaller groups. Also, my classmates are incredible! There are many different backgrounds of experience and culture from across the world that come together so well at UNC Kenan-Flagler, making this the ideal community for me to feel connected and thrive."

Marquis Jones MBA Class of 2020

Tools of Financial Markets (TOFM)

Tools of Financial Markets provides an introduction to the financial technology tools used daily by Wall Street professionals.

  • Hands-on access to Bloomberg and other financial technology will hone your skills and better prepare you for summer internships and job opportunities.
  • Research opportunities, using identical technology that interviewers and recruiters use for knowledgeable and well-trained presentations in interviews
  • Dynamic financial technology training in a pressure-free setting, without competing demands or distractions, will help you master these tools faster.

Tools of Strategic Problem Solving (TOSPS)

Tools of Strategic Problem Solving is a primer for thinking like an MBA, introducing key concepts and providing a platform for practicing skills that will help you be successful in your coursework and skills most desired by firms seeking MBA talent. You will:

  • Learn to ask meaningful questions and organize information for structured thinking.
  • Analyze and synthesize multiple points of data to reach effective solutions.
  • Practice pulling together and tell a compelling story to drive action.

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