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Women at UNC

We are deeply committed to the strong presence of women in our MBA staff, faculty and student body.

  • UNC Kenan-Flagler is a member of the Forte Foundation, an organization of major corporations, top business schools and influential non-profit organizations that helps direct talented women towards leadership roles in business through research, scholarships, events and network development
  • Women hold several senior leadership positions reporting directly to the Dean
  • Women are prominent among the leadership of the MBA Program
  • Women make up approximately 30% of the MBA Class of 2018

Learn what female faculty, staff, and alumni have to say about their experience here:

  • Faculty

    "I joined Carolina in 1985-before it was Kenan-Flagler. There were a number of women on the faculty. In fact, I did not realize that the proportion of women on the faculty here compared so favorably to other top -20 business schools, until I saw the statistic reported in a national news magazine. The School should be proud of this long tradition. We benefit from it, in an environment that is remarkably comfortable for both men and women."

    - Jennifer Conrad
    Mary Farley Ames Lee Distinguished Professor
    Former Area Chair, Finance

    "In my view, Kenan-Flagler integrates women so well into the school that I personally never think about being different. Women are offered the same opportunities as men, and female students are competitive in classes, jobs and leadership positions in the school."

    - Valarie A. Zeithaml
    Roy and Alice H. Richards Bicentennial Professor

  • Staff

    "Diversity is a daily reality here. Diversity of ideas, of achievements and of visions is what really matters. Color, race, and gender do not play a role at UNC Kenan-Flagler. Rather the different viewpoints help better prepare students for the global economy. No one has time to think about whether you are male or female here. There is too much to be done both in the school and the community."

    -Susan Kellogg
    Associate Dean of Information Technology

  • Alumni

    "Even though Kenan-Flagler has a very diverse student body of high achievers, the environment is extremely supportive and collaborative. As students we are constantly challenging and learning from each other. One of my most rewarding experiences is being a part of Carolina Women in Business (CWIB). Through CWIB, I have been provided a variety of skill-building and networking opportunities while also creating a strong network of lifelong friends."

    - Julie Rodgers
    MBA Class of 2008

    At UNC I have been inspired by the accomplishments and talents of my fellow female colleagues. Their example and advice encourages me to push my own boundaries and develop my skills as a future leader. This motivation, partnered with the solid support offered by faculty and staff, creates just the positive environment I was looking for in a graduate school.

    - Diana A. Selezeanu
    MBA Class of 2009

Learn more about activities of Carolina Women in Business, a student-run club. We invite women applying to the MBA Program at UNC to visit the business school and join us for events put on by the Club.

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