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The following tuition, fees, and living expenses are estimates to assist you with planning. These are the estimated amounts included in the financial aid budget and do not represent a student's actual expenses. The University Cashier's Office is responsible for billing tuition and has the most up-to-date amounts for charges. Please refer to their website for actual tuition and fee charges for a given academic year.

Financial Aid Budgets for Academic Year 2019-2020

Tuition and Fees (Per Academic Year) NC Residents Non NC residents
Tuition and mandatory fees1 $51,202 $66,324
Total (with living expenses)2 $76,824 $91,946

1Tuition and fees are finalized in the summer before each fall semester. This is an estimate of tuition and fee amounts for the academic year. For the most up-to-date tuition and fee information, visit the Cashier's Office website. Please note that tuition is expected to increase between 3% and 10% each academic year.

2A student's total financial aid (scholarships, fellowships, and all education loans) cannot be more than the estimated living expenses plus tuition and fees.

Living Expenses3 Per month Per academic year
Books N/A $972
Food $524 $4,716
Health insurance $288 $2,588
Housing $1,513 $13,620
Miscellaneous $208 $1,876
Federal Loan Fee


Travel $177 $1,596
TOTAL $2,710 $25,622

3Living expense estimates are based on reasonable cost of living for the Chapel Hill area. Students whose lifestyle choices exceed the reasonable cost of living amounts are responsible for covering those choices through resources other than financial aid. Certain allowable expenses can be added, with documentation of the cost. These include computer purchase (up to $1,350), day care (for children under 13 only), and commuting (for students living more than 15 miles from campus).

Additional Costs (academic year) NC Residents Non NC residents
Other fees4 $895 $895

4Other fees, which are never included in the financial aid budget, are:
$345 orientation fees, which are billed through the University Cashier's Office and are reflected on the fall bill for tuition and fees.
$550 MBA Student Association (MBASA) dues are paid directly to the MBASA during the first week of classes.

Additional Costs (Analytical Skills Workshop) All Students
Tuition and fees6 $3,000-$5,000
Living expenses7 $3,860

6Tuition and fees for ASW are based upon a student's actual enrollment.

7Living expense estimates are based on reasonable cost of living for the Chapel Hill area.

Financial Aid Overview


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