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General Information

Q: Is UNC Kenan-Flagler a general management program?  Are concentrations offered?

A: The program is a general management program. All students will graduate with a common mastery of the core business subjects. But we also offer optional concentrations and focus areas. Starting the second half of the first year, student begin to take elective courses in their area of concentration (if they have one). Approximately 75% of our students declare some type of concentration.

Q: I am interested in transferring from another MBA program. Is it possible to get credit toward my MBA at UNC?

A: We do not accept transfer credit into the full-time MBA program.

Q: Is it possible to pursue a dual degree program along with the MBA?

A: Yes, we have dual degree programs arranged with six of UNC's other graduate schools, as well as with two programs at Duke University. We generally can accommodate dual degrees with most other graduate programs requiring 2 or more years of study. Check with our MBA Program Office if you are considering a program not mentioned.

Q: What is the typical student profile at UNC Kenan-Flagler?

A: We have a wide variety of backgrounds among our students; there really is not a typical student at UNC Kenan-Flagler. Our class profile from the most recent class provides a snapshot of our student body as a whole.

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Q: I'm interested in getting an MBA, but I don't know whether I'm competitive for UNC Kenan-Flagler's full-time MBA program. Can I get feedback on my resume or have an evaluation of my chances of admission?

A: Our students are a diverse group who come from many different career and personal backgrounds, and bring a wide a range of experience, interests, and strengths. We are proud of our holistic admissions review that considers the full picture of what each applicant brings to the table. The admissions committee not only reviews every application individually, but also considers applicants in relation to the overall pool of applicants. For these reasons, it is not possible for us to provide individual resume reviews, comment on credentials, or speak to admission chances.

We recommend taking a look at our selection criteria, as well as our most recent class profile. We offer admissions information sessions on campus during the school year, webinars, and many other admissions events on and off-campus to help demystify the application process and provide an opportunity to ask questions of the Admissions Team. See our Admissions Events page for more info and be sure to create an account with us, so we can let you know about events in your area.

Q: My spouse/partner and I both are applying and plan to enroll together. Will you evaluate us as a package deal?

A: We evaluate each individual applicant based on his/her credentials. No attempt is made to send the same decision to both spouses/partners. Couples looking at UNC Kenan-Flagler should not hesitate to let the Admission Office know that there is a mutual interest in UNC Kenan-Flagler. The School will be happy to provide insights from partners who have gone through the program together.

Q: I plan to reapply this year. Do I have to start a new online application with new essays and new recommendations?

A: Yes, you will need to start a new application and upload new essays, recommendations, resume and work history. Your transcripts will roll over to the new application, as will your test scores if they are still valid. Please be sure to use the same login information as you used for the previous application year.

Q: How does the Admissions Office evaluate applicants who apply via the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management?

A: For more information on The Consortium application process, please see The Consortium FAQ page.

Q: If I am admitted this year, may I defer my enrollment until next year?

A: Generally, we will not defer your enrollment unless there are medical or other emergency reasons.

Q: What are the decisions I could receive on the decision release date?

A: All applicants for a given deadline will receive one of three decisions on the decision release date: admit, waitlist or deny. The admission committee seeks to select the most competitive candidates from the applicant pool. Some applicants' packages rank them clearly in highest tier, and those applicants are admitted immediately. We have other candidates that are clearly not among the most competitive applicants, and those applicants are denied immediately. There is a band of applicants who are more competitive than most, but not as competitive as those in the highest tier. We designate these high potential candidates as "waitlist". If you receive a decision of “waitlist” and have not yet interviewed, we will extend an invitation for you to do so.

Q: How does the waitlist process work?

A: If you receive a waitlist decision, we believe you are high potential. We believe that candidates in this group could one day make the cut for admission, but we cannot be sure that they will. We review all waitlisted candidates with the applicants from the subsequent admissions round. If the subsequent rounds of applicants are considerably stronger or weaker, this could change how a waitlisted applicant compares to the highest tier of applicants. Also, if we yield fewer admitted applicants than we had forecasted, then we will need to admit more applicants in order to fill the class. Or, if the yield of admitted applicants is higher than expected, fewer additional people will be admitted. Because we review the previously waitlisted applicants each round, it is possible for an applicant to receive more than one "waitlist" decision. It's also possible that a previously waitlisted applicant could be denied or admitted in a subsequent round. It is not uncommon for a waitlisted applicant to be continued on the waiting list.

Q: If I get denied admission to UNC Kenan-Flagler, can I request feedback so I can strengthen my application for next year?

A: We are unable to provide individual feedback to denied applicants. However, our admissions director has compiled some general feedback for candidates who have been denied and are thinking about reapplying in a future year.

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Application fee and enrollment deposit

Q: What is the application fee?

A: The non-refundable application fee is $150 (USD) for all application rounds and can be paid by credit card.

Q: Is there an application fee waiver?

A: Yes, you may qualify for an application fee waiver if you meet one or more of the following conditions: active duty U.S. military or veteran; active participant in Peace Corps or AmeriCorps; Teach for America. Fee waivers are dependent on responses you provide in your application and will be activated after you submit your application. Supporting documentation may be required in order to receive a fee waiver. A refund cannot be issued for an application fee already paid.

Q: What is the enrollment deposit for Early Action (Round One)?

A: The non-refundable enrollment deposit for the Early Action (Round One) is $3000. Early Action is an option for applicants who know for certain that they will attend UNC Kenan-Flagler if admitted. Early Action provides applicants with the certainty of learning their decision by mid-December. You should not apply for Early Action if you are not prepared to commit immediately to attending UNC Kenan-Flagler.

Q: What is the enrollment deposit for Round Two, Three and Four?

A: The non-refundable enrollment deposit for application Round Two, Round Three and Round Four is $1500.

Q: Can I get a refund of my application fee or enrollment deposit?

A: No. All payments (of either application fee or enrollment deposit} to UNC Kenan-Flagler are not refundable. Please have a plan to finance your enrollment before paying the enrollment deposit, as it cannot be returned to you.

GMAT, GRE and language exams

Q: What are the program codes for the GMAT, GRE, and language exams (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE Academic)?

A: GMAT program code: D40-HL-72, GRE program code: 5046, language exams: 5816.

Q: Does UNC Kenan-Flagler accept the GRE score in place of the GMAT?

A: Yes, we accept the GRE in place of the GMAT.

Q: I sent my GMAT/TOEFL score last year. Do you still have my scores?

A: UNC Kenan-Flagler keeps a GMAT or TOEFL score for two years after the date on which it was sent. If your score was sent last year, and has not expired, you do not need to re-submit it this year. GMAT and GRE scores expire after 5 years.

Q: I submitted my application before I took the GMAT. I scored lower than I thought and now I want to retake the GMAT. How can I make sure that you will only consider my application when I get my new scores?

A: Contact the MBA Admissions Office as soon as possible and notify us that you are retaking the GMAT. If necessary, your application may be moved to a later application round.

Q: Does UNC Kenan-Flagler accept any English language tests in place of the TOEFL?

A: We also accept the IELTS, the PTE and the University of Cambridge Test of English.

Q: Who is required to submit an English language test score, such as the TOEFL?

A: We require an English language test score from applicants for whom English is not their native language, unless: 1) they earned an undergraduate or graduate degree at a U.S. college or university, 2) their total education was conducted in English in an English-speaking country, or 3) they received an undergraduate degree or graduate degree from a university in Hong Kong or India. We will request test scores from some Indian candidates, as needed.

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Work Experience

Q: Is work experience required for admission to the full-time MBA program?

A. We do not have minimum work experience requirements for applicants. However, most accepted students have at least two years of full-time, post-undergraduate professional experience by the start of the MBA program. The Admissions Committee takes internships and cooperative education assignments into account, but those experiences are usually considered supplementary. To see the average of our current class, please visit the class profile page.

Q: Will my internships during college, or other types of short-term work, be considered as part of my work experience?

A: Only full-time, permanent, post-undergraduate positions count towards your work experience. Applicants' initiative in landing internships and the experiences gained in these assignments are certainly considered when we evaluate your overall package. While we are aware that many international applicants work full time while attending university, we prefer that they also present a minimum of two years of work experience after completing the first degree.

Q: If I have less than two years of full-time work experience, will my application be considered?

A: We review every application we receive, regardless of the amount of work experience. Applicants with less than two years of experience are not likely to be competitive in comparison to other candidates at UNC Kenan-Flagler. We consider the work experience you will have by the start of the MBA program.

Q: I worked full-time before I received my college degree. Will you consider that work experience?

A: Your full-time work before you earned a bachelor's degree can be considered. The quality of work experience is as significant as the quantity. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the degree and progression of your responsibility, supervisory roles and the managerial promise of that work.

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Interviews and Campus Visits

Q: Is it possible to visit the campus and sit in on a class? Will I be able to meet current students?

A: Absolutely! You can visit us with or without scheduling an interview. We offer a Campus Visit Program on many Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays when school is in session. The Campus Visit Program includes the options of a welcome info session with an Admissions Director, a class visit, lunch and Q&A with current students, and tour of the Business School. Current students are often on hand in the Admissions Office to chat with you and answer questions. During the Campus Open Interview Season, you can self-register for an admissions interview, space permitting, in conjunction with your visit—it’s fine to visit without an interview though! Please see our Interviews and Campus Visits page for more details.

Please register early for visits to ensure availability of a date when your preferred activities are offered. Note: the Campus Visit Program doesn’t run during the summer months or during some school breaks and special events. If your only opportunity to visit campus falls during one of these times, please call or e-mail the Admissions Office front desk for information on a self-guided tour and a parking pass. The Admissions Office and the Business School are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and most U.S. holidays.

Q: When will I be able to schedule my interview? 

A: Registration for the Campus Open Interview Season is open! You will be required to upload a resume in order to schedule your interview. You may register for an interview without an application; however, you are required to start your application prior to the date of your scheduled appointment. An application start can be as simple as selecting an application round. Campus Open Interview Season slots are first come, first serve—register early to ensure availability.

Candidates who are unable to interview during Campus Open Interview Season will be considered for an interview by invitation after submitting their application. The invitation to interview will include instructions for how to register. Check out our Interviews and Campus Visits page for more information.

Q: I’m applying Early Action/Round 1. The application deadline is before the end of the Campus Open Interview Season. After I’ve submitted my application, can I still register for a Campus Open Interview slot, or do I need to wait to see if I receive an interview invitation?

A: Early Action/Round 1 candidates can still take advantage of the Campus Open Interview Season, space permitting, up through the last day of the season (see dates here). If you haven't interviewed on campus by the end of Campus Open Interview Season, you’ll be considered by the Admissions Committee for an invitation to interview after you have submitted your application. During Invitation-Only Interview Season, options for interviewing include on campus, Skype/webcam, telephone, or with an alumnus in select international locations. Since interview invitations can be issued any time after you submit an application up until the decision release date, it’s possible that a small number of Round 1 applicants will receive an invitation to interview prior to the end of the Campus Open Interview Season.

Q: When will I receive an interview invitation?

A: Please note that we have a Campus Open Interview Season and an Invitation-Only Interview Season. An invitation is not required to self-register for an on-campus interview during the Campus Open Interview Season. During the Invitation-Only Interview Season, candidates will be considered for an interview invitation after submitting an application. Invitations to interview can arrive any time after you apply up until the decision release date for your application round. Check your e-mail regularly and ensure we have your correct e-mail on file. If you need to change the e-mail address in your file, you can do so in your MBA Portal.

Q: Is an interview required?

A: All candidates offered admission to the MBA program will have completed an admissions interview. We strongly recommend taking advantage of the Campus Open Interview Season since this is the only way to 100% guarantee that you complete an admissions interview.

Q: Am I at a disadvantage because I cannot travel to campus for an interview during the Campus Open Interview Season?

A: Every applicant will be screened, and those deemed most competitive will be invited to interview during the Invitation-Only Interview Season. If an applicant is not invited to interview, it is because the interview would not change their admission outcome. If the candidate is not among the most competitive applicants without the interview, even a strong interview will not make them a successful applicant.

Q: How much weight does the interview carry?

A: The interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about UNC Kenan-Flagler, and it gives the Admission Committee a chance to hear from you in person. Admission decisions at UNC Kenan-Flagler are not based on a strict formula. The interview, GMAT scores, academic accomplishments, work experience, recommendations and your application essays all count—it's the combination of these elements that help the Admissions Committee get acquainted with you and better evaluate your application.

Q: How long does an interview last?

A: Interviews are usually 30 minutes. We would like to spend even more time, but the heavy demand for interviews limits the amount of time we can spend with each person. Allow at least 45 minutes in case your interview runs a little longer.

Q: What are interviews like at UNC Kenan-Flagler?

A: Your interview will be conducted by a member of the Admissions Committee. Your interviewer will not have read or reviewed your admissions application, but will have a copy of your resume. Each interviewer's interviewing style is different, but all of our interviewers aim to create a positive and engaging interview conversation. Dress for interviews is business professional. Click here for more interview tips.

Q: If I’m invited to interview during the Invitation-Only Interview Season, can I still combine my interview on campus with the Campus Visit Program?

A: Yes! The Campus Visit Program is usually offered in conjunction with on-campus interviews to help you get a feel for our School's special culture and environment. When you register for an on-campus interview, you will also be able to register for any visit activities available that day (special events, finals, school breaks, etc. may impact the activities offered). Current students are often on hand in the Admissions Office so you can chat and ask questions while you wait for your interview. You also may want to contact one of our current students on your own. Our MBA Ambassadors have a web page specifically for prospective students.

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Career Management

Q: Do UNC Kenan-Flagler students secure internships successfully between their first and second years?

A: Each year nearly 100% of our first-year students secure meaningful work experiences over the summer.

Q: How many career management people are there to help me with my job search?

A: UNC Kenan-Flagler has 7 full-time career consultants with assigned areas of responsibility for specific functional areas of career focus. In addition, 5 full-time staff members support our employer engagement and recruiting efforts, and 8 full-time staff members work on our career & leadership programming, executive coaching and events. In addition, around 40 second-year students are selected and trained as Career Mentors. The Career Mentors conduct mock interviews, resume critiques and one-on-one coaching, with each first-year student.

Q: How many recruiters come to UNC Kenan-Flagler?

A: More than 200 recruiting companies visit campus each year.

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Tuition and Fees

Q: What is the estimated tuition and required fees for the academic year?

A: See the detailed breakdown of estimated tuition and fees for more information.

Q: How can I qualify for North Carolina Residency for tuition purposes?

A: Residency for tuition purposes is determined on a case-by-case basis. For details about residency, visit UNC's Residence Status for Tuition Purposes.

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Q: How do I apply for school fellowships? What are the selection criteria?

A: Candidates who submit UNC Kenan-Flagler applications by the third deadline will be considered automatically for fellowships. Selection criteria include exceptional academic performance, progressive work experience, leadership and potential for success in business careers. Past recipients have demonstrated superior performance in all of these areas.

Q: May I apply for a graduate assistantship or research assistantship?

A: The School does not offer graduate or research assistantships to MBA students. The MBA Program workload, especially in the first year, precludes employment.

Q: Are Consortium applicants considered for all fellowships offered?

A: Yes. All applicants who complete an application for admission by the January deadline will be considered for one of the merit-based fellowships we offer. Candidates applying via the Consortium will be considered for all of the fellowships we offer at UNC Kenan-Flagler, including the Consortium Fellowship. For more information on The Consortium application process, please see The Consortium FAQ page.

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Student Life

Q: Can MBA students live in UNC dorms or apartments on campus?

A: While the majority of MBA students at UNC Kenan-Flagler live off campus in apartments, condominiums or houses, the proximity and convenience of campus housing makes it an appealing option. Enrolling MBA students can apply for on-campus graduate student and family housing in apartments. Mason Farm and Baity Hill apartments are in easy walking distance to the business school. Campus housing availability is hard to predict—some years there have been many openings and others have seen long waitlists with little movement. Keep a back-up plan ready in case a suitable opening does not become available to you through campus housing.

Q: How much does the typical MBA student spend for rent? Is it hard to find off-campus housing?

A: Costs vary depending on the size of the apartment and location. Our students usually find cost of living very reasonable in the Chapel Hill area with typical rents far below those in large U.S. cities like New York, Boston, and San Francisco. We provide a helpful housing guide to all admitted students and make it easy to connect with graduating students who are vacating their apartments. Many apartment complexes allow online applications and electronic lease signing so you can secure housing prior to moving to North Carolina. The MBA Classes of 2016 and 2017 put together a housing guide of the most popular areas for MBAs to live. For more information about select area apartments check out The Daily Tarheel's heelshousing.com. If you are new to renting housing in the U.S., you may want to review this helpful website from UNC: https://ofslci.unc.edu/community-involvement/moving-campus.

Q: Do I need a car?

A: Owning a car is not essential for getting to your classes. The bus system is quite efficient and provides transportation service to many apartment complexes in the area. You may find, however, that having access to a car will increase your mobility around town. Note: international students should keep in mind that car ownership entails the purchase, maintenance and upkeep, mandatory insurance and registration. You must have a Social Security number to obtain financing if you purchase a car.

Q: How much does a campus parking pass cost and can I get one as a new student?

A: We ask students to form carpools of 2-4 members, and assign parking passes to each carpool for the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School parking deck, which is immediately adjacent to the Business School and is connected by a covered walkway. Carpool members share the cost of the permit ($440.25 per permit for the 2016-2017 academic year).

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