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Customize your MBA

Make your MBA experience worthwhile with concentrations

When it comes to an MBA, one size shouldn’t fit all. You’ll gain a strong foundation that will help you become a business leader on many fronts: finance and accounting, operational excellence, marketing and data analysis, consulting skills, and more. What separates a good MBA experience from a great one is the ability to customize coursework to position yourself for lifelong career success.

UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School offers 13 specialized concentrations for Full-Time MBA students to choose from. By selecting one or more concentrations, you’re customizing your education and building expertise in your desired function or field.

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Academic concentrations allow you to add focus to your MBA and customize your course of study to gain specialized industry and role-specific knowledge, skills and experience. Concentration requirements and offerings are updated regularly and closely mirror employers’ hiring needs, while also reflecting the priorities and key competencies of the MBA program.

"The diverse approaches my fellow students have taken in crafting their schedules and specializing in various areas truly stand out. The concentrations offered provide a significant advantage during recruitment, allowing us to convey to companies that we not only hold an MBA but have also pursued industry-specific or job function-specific coursework. This ability to demonstrate our tailored knowledge and skills greatly impresses employers."