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Healthcare Concentration


The modern healthcare industry requires knowledgeable and effective business leaders with creative problem-solving and leadership skills. UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School recognizes the demand for these professionals. We are focused on developing skilled professionals who are well-prepared to take on the difficult challenges in the healthcare industry, and on building a strong presence in the industry.

Professionals with experience in private and public healthcare organizations and the medical community are encouraged to participate in this enrichment to further expand their entrepreneurial and strategic leadership opportunities. In addition, this enrichment will provide a solid foundation for individuals with life sciences degrees or those with a passion for the healthcare industry.

By drawing on the deep healthcare knowledge base at the University, UNC Kenan-Flagler is uniquely positioned to emerge as a problem solver and leader in the changing landscape of the healthcare marketplace. UNC Kenan-Flagler has teamed with UNC’s School of Medicine to pursue a joint initiative focused on medical entrepreneurship and innovation. This partnership brings together the strengths of the two schools to educate the healthcare leaders of tomorrow across functional areas, and to bring collaborative and innovative solutions that improve care and reduce costs to the industry.


Course Offerings

  • Challenge of Healthcare – A System Overview
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Global Healthcare
  • Healthcare: Regulation & Principles of Health Insurance
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Strategic Value Creation for Life Science Companies
  • Healthcare Consulting Projects
  • Design and Delivery of Healthcare Systems
  • Health System Mergers & Strategic Interactions
  • Healthcare Brand Plan

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