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Using an MBA to switch careers: You’re not alone

Many MBA applicants believe that they are the only, or at least the most extreme, case of “career switcher.”  Rest assured you are not alone.

It can be overwhelming to abandon the professional path you’ve been on for several years in favor of a different one. You may be worried that your past experience will not translate to your new career. You may think that exposing yourself as a career-switcher is a risky move, showing weakness or lack of commitment to your work. However, there is no better way to alter your career trajectory than by earning an MBA, and many people return to business school expressly to change careers.

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Career switching is not new to admissions committees

Take solace in knowing that most MBA admissions committees, and career management centers, are accustomed to and often welcome career switchers. Ultimately, it can be argued that just about everyone pursuing an MBA is switching careers; it’s just a matter of to what degree.

Have a clearly-defined career destination

There is strategy to approaching MBA admissions committees with a career change in mind. Enhance your candidacy with a well-researched concept of what you want to do post-graduation. Present a clear picture of your post-graduation goals and your strategy to achieve them to the admissions committee. By showing the committee that you are aware of the hurdles you face – and that you have a plan to overcome them – you will make yourself an excellent candidate.

If you think of yourself a potential MBA career-switcher, consider yourself in good company. The desire to change careers is not new to MBA admissions committees and career management centers, and they are prepared to assist you. However, in order to make your career-switching ideas a reality, you must have a good plan and the desire to follow it through to your dream job.

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