UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

How We Shape Leaders

Through innovative practical and experiential preparation equal to the caliber of corporate leadership programs.

We believe that people learn how to lead by participating, practicing and evaluating. Repeatedly.

That’s why we’ve developed a unique framework to help our students develop the leadership skills that are critical for business success. Benefits of our comprehensive Leadership Program include:

Real-Life Learning

We believe that effective, accessible leadership skills must be built through practical experiences – and our dynamic hands-on leadership activities give you numerous opportunities to learn to lead by doing.

From our renowned STAR (Student Teams Achieving Results) program to our numerous supervised leadership simulations and other activities that build skills in managing, communicating and dealing with change, you’ll learn from practicing, receiving feedback and applying these new concepts to your overall business skills.

Customized Curriculum

To help you build a leadership education that fits your learning style and objectives, we work with you to develop a customized leadership plan. With our guidance, you’ll choose from specific courses and activities that best meet your career and learning goals.

Personalized Coaching

At UNC, you aren’t just lectured on leadership principles – you are quite literally coached into becoming a leader – through constant practice, feedback and application of learned concepts under the direct supervision of experienced business executives.

This hands-on, intensive approach – so rarely done in other MBA programs – provides the kind of honest, critical and individualized support that helps turn students into leaders.


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