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DEI in the Classroom

Classroom with students

Building skills and knowledge in class

From orientation to for-credit courses to workshops, events and guest speakers, and career preparation, we are committed to preparing you to understand, negotiate and address complex DEI topics.

Core and elective classes build your critical skills and knowledge so you are prepared to address the varied facets of DEI.

Three core courses explore DEI issues at different levels:

  • Individual level (intentions, feelings and beliefs)
  • Team/organization/unit
  • Institutional/cultural

Business Ethics (BUSI 404)

Individual Team/organization Institutional/culture
Ethical decision-making and behavioral biases

Morality in different cultures

Determining organizational purpose or who gets a say in what is “right” Individual vs. collective notions of morality

Difficulties of systemic change

Discriminatory impact of markets (wage discrimination, insurance price discrimination and product markets)

Management and Corporate Communication (BUSI 401)

Individual Team/organization
Confidence building for efficient writing strategies and impactful business presentations

Gender-inclusive business language

Code switching and professional communication

Communication strategy when speaking and writing to diverse audiences

Leadership communication and diverse audiences

Leading and Managing: An Introduction to Organizational Behavior (BUSI 405)

Individual Team/organization
Implicit bias and their implications

Stereotyping and its outcomes

Imposter syndrome

Team-level diversityOrganizational diversity programs and ideologies

Power and privilege, and their effects on negotiations, conflict and influence

Leadership and managing diversity

Changing organizational cultures and how this links to DEI strategies


Electives addressing a wide range of topics related to DEI include:

  • Social Advocacy and Activism (BUSI 490-104)
  • Sustainable Business and Social Entrepreneurship (BUSI 507H)
  • Diversity and Inclusion at Work (BUSI 523)
  • Gender Issues in the Workplace (BUSI 527)
  • Leadership Communication (BUSI 528)
  • Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace (BUSI 529)
  • Managerial Decision Making (BUSI 547)
  • Groups and Teams in Organizations (BUSI 555)
  • International Development (BUSI 611)