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International Internship Programs

The international internship is a transformational summer study abroad experience with a powerful advantage: placement in an organization where you’ll work for seven or eight weeks, experiencing firsthand how business gets done in another country. You’ll gain skills that go far beyond a typical domestic workplace experience—and far beyond a traditional study abroad experience.

You’ll learn how to quickly adapt to a different working culture and professional norms, you’ll expand your skills for working successfully in diverse teams and you’ll hone your creative problem solving abilities. Along the way you’ll make important connections, learn about your host country, and gain a valuable perspective on global business. The international internship is a journey of self-discovery and a career-defining experience.

Choose from a variety of exciting destinations. Wherever you go, you’ll be placed into a dynamic organization and benefit from extensive program support and programming.

Meet with an Advisor

Please note that you must meet with a UBP Global Programs Advisor and/or attend an international internship information session in order for your application to be considered for these programs. 

UBP students can schedule a meeting with Ben Hershey to learn more about this and other International Internship programs by clicking on the “Schedule Appointment” link below.

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