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Netherlands: Maastricht University, Center for European Studies

The program at the Center for European Studies at the University of Maastricht is UNC Kenan-Flagler’s oldest study abroad program. The CES program offers dynamic, interactive courses with integrated field trips, cultural weekends and study trips that together create a multi-faceted, transformative study abroad experience.

The city of Maastricht is a lovely medieval city of 120,000 people—a good size if you are not seeking a large urban experience but still want a vibrant atmosphere. The city is known for its picturesque setting, culture, education and festivals. The Carnival celebration every March is famous throughout Europe.

Located very near the Belgian and German borders, Maastricht is an excellent point from which to explore other parts of Europe. English is widely spoken in the Netherlands, but you will not have to travel far if you’d like to practice a foreign language.

As a direct enroll program, Maastricht is an excellent value for out-of-state students who will pay less in tuition and fees to Maastricht than the cost of an out-of-state semester at UNC.


  • GPA Requirement: 3.00
  • Language Prerequisite: None
  • Class during program (min): Junior
  • Language of Instruction: English/Dutch*

*All courses are taught in English. Students may opt to take a language course in Dutch, and are encouraged to do so.

Application Dates

Fall 2021:
Applications open: Nov. 1, 2020
Application deadline: Feb. 21, 2021
Notifications begin: Mar. 5, 2021

Spring 2022 Round 1:
Round 1 applications open: Mar. 1, 2021
Round 1 application deadline: TBD
Round 1 notifications begin: TBD

Spring 2022 Round 2:
Round 2 applications open: Mar. 1, 2021
Round 2 application deadline: TBD
Round 2 notifications begin: TBD


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