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Transfer Students


Transfer students are an integral and vibrant part of the Carolina community. They bring a wealth of diversity and experience and enhance the overall experience for all students, faculty and staff.

In the UNC Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Business Program, we understand that transferring is a complex process and have outlined the below policies and guidelines to help you make informed decisions and achieve as smooth a transition as possible.

Application process

If you are applying to the business major as a sophomore transfer, or after one year at university, please apply directly to the College of Arts and Sciences as opposed to the direct admit process. The admissions process is competitive, so we recommend that you review admissions criteria and make the most of the spring and summer months prior to application.

If you are applying to the business major as a junior transfer, or after two years at university, please select the Business Administration program as part of your application to UNC (Common Application). Applicants are first reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (see University’s requirements for admission) and successful candidates are then reviewed by the Undergraduate Business Program based on the below business major requirements.

All transfer students are evaluated with respect to several selection criteria, including academic performance, progress and performance in business prerequisite courses (see below section on Eligibility), leadership potential, effective communication skills, analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, extracurricular activities/work experience, community service, strength of character, and rationale for business degree.


Plan to complete most, if not all, of the following business prerequisites prior to your first semester at UNC:

Applying by September 1, 2022: Applying in 2023 or beyond:
Calculus (One of the following options:  MATH 152, MATH 231 or STOR 113) Calculus (One of the following options:  MATH 152, MATH 231 or STOR 113)
Statistics (STOR 155) Statistics (STOR 155)
Introduction to Economics (ECON 101 or ECON 101H) Introduction to Economics (ECON 101 or ECON 101H)
Intermediate Micro Economics* (ECON 410) Introduction to Business: People, Profits, Planet (BUSI 100)***
Financial Accounting (BUSI 102)**

Advanced Placement (AP) or Transfer credit equivalents are accepted as long as the UNC equivalent is awarded.  Equivalencies can be found on the Transfer and Placement Credit section of the UNC Undergraduate Admissions website.

*ECON 410 is not required for the business minor.  ECON 410 is most commonly completed over the summer or in the fall semester prior to spring promotion. ECON 410 will move to become a core requirement for students applying in 2023 and beyond.

**BUSI 102 will not be required as a business prerequisite requirement for students applying in 2023 and beyond.

***BUSI 100 is a new prerequisite for students applying in 2023 and beyond.

Admission is contingent upon the successful completion (with a grade of C or higher, not C-) of all business prerequisites, therefore plan to complete no more than one prerequisite within your first semester if you are anticipating a spring start in the Undergraduate Business Program. Our office will conduct a prerequisite audit prior to each term to ensure that you have met the minimum grade requirement for all prerequisites before your official start in the business curriculum.

Transfer students have the option of taking an additional 9th or 10th semester at UNC. This may be necessary for you to complete the business prerequisites or the business major coursework. You must have at least 3 full semesters at Kenan-Flagler to complete the business major.

Business Minor

If you are tight on time and don’t want to take an additional 9th or 10th semester at UNC, you may want to consider the undergraduate business minor instead of the major. Business minors receive the same benefits as business majors (alumni network, access to our global program opportunities and career development initiatives, etc.), are highly sought after by recruiters and achieve the same employment placement rates as business majors. The business minor application process occurs early in the fall semester.

Transfer or test/placement credit

All transfer credit is approved through UNC’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If you are admitted, that office will provide you with a complete transfer credit report prior to the enrollment deadline. In the meantime, to estimate eligibility access the transfer equivalency tables, and carefully review the General Rules for Transfer Credit. Unfortunately, we cannot provide estimates or guarantees beyond what is provided there.

You may bring in test or placement credit for one or more of the business prerequisites. Refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions placement credit table for additional details.