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Spain: University of Navarra

The University of Navarra School of Economics and Business was founded in 1987 and was the first university in Spain to launch a bi-lingual Spanish-English business program. A strong international perspective, combined with a humanistic educational approach aligns with the University of Navarra’s mission to provide a holistic learning environment. The School boasts a student-centered approach and fosters student participation in and out of the classroom. The University of Navarra is ranked as one of the best private universities in Spain.

As the capital of the Navarra province in northeast Spain, Pamplona (or Iruña) boasts a rich history with exciting traditions, such as the world famous Running of the Bulls. Pamplona is a laid back city and is well-connected to Barcelona and Madrid, making the rest of Europe easily accessible. English is not spoken as commonly in Pamplona as it is in Barcelona, so your Spanish language skills will certainly develop throughout your exchange experience.

You will benefit from the lively student life on campus and in the local community and will have ample opportunity to practice your Spanish language skills. The campus hosts thriving sport, culture, and art scenes that are enjoyed by its large international student population.

Learn more about the student experience at the University of Navarra through this introductory video. You can also take a video tour of the Amigos Building, where the School of Economics and Business is located.

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  • GPA Requirement: 3.00
  • Program Options: Exchange
    • On an Exchange program, students “trade” places with a student from another institution and pay UNC tuition and fees. Please thoroughly review the “program cost” section below for specific information. For additional information about program types, click here.
  • Language of Instruction: Spanish, English (SPAN 204 Prerequisite)
  • Program Dates:
    • Fall: September 2 to December 20, 2024
    • Spring: January 8 to May 18, 2024
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Application Information

This Program’s Level of Competitiveness =  2

Level of Competitiveness (1 = least, 3 = most)

1 Chance of acceptance is probable if students meet the minimum requirements.
Most students are typically accepted. 
3 This is one of the most competitive programs. We recommend having a back-up option in mind.

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