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Denmark: Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. The school enrolls 17,000 graduate and undergraduate students, including over 1,000 international exchange students each year. CBS focuses on research and consultancy and offers majors that combine disciplines such as business, economics, foreign languages, law, politics, policy and information technology.

Copenhagen is a vibrant city of around 1.2 million inhabitants and is known for its distinctive architecture, rich cultural heritage and friendly, English-speaking people. Danes are considered the happiest people on Earth and enjoy a high quality of life. Copenhagen is an eco-friendly city and is known for its urban planning and development. The city is well served by its transportation system, though you may choose to purchase a bicycle for the semester.

Copenhagen is a major capital in Scandinavia with important business, shipping, media and intellectual industries. The city boasts many museums, a state-of-the-art opera house, Tivoli Gardens (one of the oldest amusement parks in the world) and several ice hockey and soccer teams.

As a business exchange student, you will be fully immersed in campus life at CBS and will make connections with Danish and other international students. CBS offers a buddy program, which pairs a local student with an exchange student to assist with integration at the beginning of the semester. Due to the large number of international students at CBS, students are easily able to find traveling companions and take advantage of the many social activities offered in Copenhagen.

The weather in Copenhagen is relatively warm for Scandinavia, with temperatures raised for much of the year by the Atlantic Gulf Stream. Winter temperatures are usually about 10 degrees colder than in Chapel Hill and summer temperatures run around 68 degrees.

All courses are taught in English. Students may opt to take a language course in Danish, and are encouraged to do so.


  • GPA Requirement: 3.00
  • Language Prerequisite: None
  • Class during program (min): Junior
  • Language of Instruction: English/Danish

Application Dates

Fall 2020:
Applications open: Nov. 1, 2019
Application deadline: Feb. 20, 2020
Notifications begin: Mar. 6, 2020

Spring 2021 Round 1:
Round 1 applications open: Mar. 1, 2020
Round 1 application deadline: Apr. 9, 2020
Round 1 notifications begin: Jun. 2020

Spring 2021 Round 2:
Round 2 applications open: Mar. 1, 2020
Round 2 application deadline: Sep. 2020
Round 2 notifications begin: Sep. 2020