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Student Wellness

Thriving in the Undergraduate Business Program

Being a student in the UBP is hard work. Balancing expectations as a student leader alongside other commitments, responsibilities, and general life challenges can be stressful. This stress can lead to personal habits, behaviors, and outcomes that threaten your ability to perform at your very best.

Students who engage in behaviors that support their wellness:

  • Transform distress into eustress (yes, eustress is a real word!), which can provide bursts of energy and improve memory.
  • Experience improved learning capabilities, memory, mental and emotional health, and higher levels of sustained energy as a result of practicing good sleep hygiene and engaging in ability-appropriate recommended amounts physical activity.
  • Elevate their personal capacity to perform both routine and higher-level tasks by practicing good nutrition habits that replenish their body and brains with good fuel.
  • Improve mood and mental health outcomes through engagement in supportive social networks and maintaining a strong sense of community.
  • Engage more effectively in their career exploration process through an enhanced ability to introspect and communicate awareness of personal values, strengths, goals and skills.
Wellness Wheel clockwise: Environmental, Spiritual, Financial, Physical, Emotional, Intellectural, Social and Career

What is Wellness?

Wellness is a journey and an ongoing, intentional commitment to seek balance across each of the eight dimensions of our wellness: Environmental, Spiritual, Financial, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social and Career. The result of this journey is well-being, or the state of being holistically well.

Students doing yoga

The UBP is here for you.

The UBP is committed to helping you address challenges to your personal success and holistic wellness. The program offers a variety of individualized services and resources designed to empower community members to thrive and flourish across all eight dimensions of wellness.

Whether you’re starting from scratch to develop personal wellness habits or you are looking to take your wellness journey to the next level, our wellness staff is here and ready to help you succeed in the UBP and beyond.

For more information, contact our Wellness Specialist.