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Italy: Bocconi University

Founded in 1902, Bocconi University is a leading research institution in economics and business administration. It is the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics. Bocconi prides itself on being at the forefront of economic modernization in Italy and continues to play a significant role today through teaching, research, and international collaborations.

Milan is a large city of over 1 million inhabitants with over 4.3 million in the metropolitan area. Located in Northern Italy, Milan has a rich history dating to Roman times. Milan changed hands several times from the Renaissance through the Napoleonic Wars due to its strategic prominence and has maintained an international community of expatriates, scholars and workers ever since.

Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals of Europe and has a rich artistic, cultural and creative scene including a range of performing arts and many museums.

Quick Facts & Links

  • GPA Requirement: 3.00
  • Program Options: Exchange
    • On an Exchange program, students “trade” places with a student from another institution and pay UNC tuition and fees. Please thoroughly review the “program cost” section below for specific information. For additional information about program types, click here.
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Program Dates:
    • Fall: September 5 to December 21, 2024 (Includes exams)
      • Mandatory Orientation: August 30, 2024
      • Earliest Arrival: August 23, 2024
      • Earliest Departure: December 22, 2024
    • Spring: February 3 to  May, 2025  (End date TBD, Includes exams)
      • Mandatory Orientation TBD
      • Earliest Arrival: TBD
      • Earliest departure date: June 1, 2025
  • Visit the Bocconi University International Student Desk Website for more information.
  • Meet program alumni
  • Accessibility Resources

Application Information

This Program’s Level of Competitiveness =  3

Level of Competitiveness (1 = least, 3 = most)

1 Chance of acceptance is probable if students meet the minimum requirements.
2 Most students are typically accepted.
This is one of the most competitive programs. We recommend having a back-up option in mind. 

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