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Apply for a Transformational Business Study Abroad Experience


Application Dates & Deadlines

Summer & Virtual International Internships 2021 February 7, 2021 (9:00pm EST)
May V/GIEs 2021 February 7, 2021 (9:00pm EST)
Fall Semester 2021 February 21, 2021 (9:00pm EST)
Spring Semester 2022 Round 1 (Details and applications available on Mar. 1 2021) April 2021 – exact date tbd
Spring Semester 2022 Round 2 (Details and applications available on Mar. 1 2021) September 2021 – exact date tbd


You must be admitted to the Undergraduate Business Program as a business major or minor to apply to Kenan-Flagler global programs. Pre-business students, non-business majors and minors and non-UNC students are not eligible. Admission status will be verified for all applicants.

The Global Programs Eligibility Flowchart will help you determine which programs you are eligible to apply for. Eligibility is based on when you successfully complete your business pre-requisites.

Each global program has its own set of eligibility requirements. Please review the requirements for your program of interest before beginning the application.

Scholarship Application

The Undergraduate Business Program offers over $500,000 in competitive merit-based scholarships for students applying to semester, summer, and GIE study abroad programs (not available for international internships). Awards vary by program type, but typically range from $1,000-$3,000. Apply for a scholarship at the same time you apply for your UBP study abroad program (deadlines are the same for both). The scholarship application is accessed through the study abroad application.

Application Instructions

Kenan-Flagler Global programs applications and merit-based scholarship applications for global programs use the same application system as Undergraduate Business Admissions. Access the application through the Undergraduate Business Global Programs Application Portal.  Please login using your Kenan-Flagler credentials.

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Application Requirements

Each type of global program has a different set of required application materials that you will need to upload:

Semester Summer Internship GIE
Essay X X X X
Resume X X X X
UNC Transcript X X X
Course Schedule X
Scholarship* X X X X
Campus Safety/Honor Code* X X X X

* Conditional or optional materials; see below for additional information.

Interviews are required for all programs and will be scheduled after the application deadline.

Upload a document with answers to 7 different questions (11 questions if you are applying to participate in two programs in the summer) formatted in the following manner:

  • Each answer should have its own page
  • Paste the question in bold above your answer
  • Answers must follow the stated word limit
  • All pages should be single-spaced, using 1-inch margins and a 12-point font that is easy to read (like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman)

Upload a copy of your most recent resume. Ensure your resume includes past summer activities and any changes to your extracurricular engagement.

UNC Transcript
Note: Transcript orders take on average 1-3 business days to process. Follow these instructions to order a copy. If you experience issues accessing or saving your official .pdf transcript, please email the transcript services team.

Identify one professor or TA who has taught you here at UNC to submit a reference to support your global programs application. You are encouraged to speak with the instructor to confirm their willingness to write a reference for you prior to sending them the reference form online.

Course Schedule
Upload a list of the courses you are taking at UNC this semester. You may either print off the schedule directly from ConnectCarolina, or create one in a table. Do not include any courses that you’ve dropped, and wait until you know the status of your enrollment in waitlisted courses before completing this requirement.

Scholarship Application (optional)*
To apply for a merit-based scholarship you will need to submit answers to a few additional questions and upload a personal statement detailing why you wish to be considered. The prompt for this personal statement is included in the application.

Honor Code and Campus Safety (documentation may be required)*
You are required to agree to uphold the Honor Code while on a Kenan-Flagler sponsored global program, and to answer a series of yes/no questions relating to our safety standards. If you answer “yes” to one or more of the seven safety standards questions, this will not necessarily preclude you from being accepted to study abroad, but you will need to provide additional information and upload additional documents as needed. The Undergraduate Business Program runs your PID through our UNC systems. If your application is flagged, but you have not answered “yes” and provided the necessary documentation, you are considered to have failed to provide complete, accurate, and truthful information. This evidence will be grounds to deny or withdraw your admission, or to dismiss you after enrollment. In particular, you are required to provide information regarding UNC housing violations (found responsible), and academic or behavioral conduct violations (found responsible). This can include, but is not limited to, academic cheating, conduct violations, alcohol policy infractions or housing violations of any type during your enrollment at UNC.

You may request a release of your Housing Conduct record to be sent to you electronically, for the purpose of uploading to your application.

If you are unsure if your application may be flagged in our PID check for other UNC-related infractions, please contact the following departments for additional information:

For Behavioral or Academic Violations (non-housing):
Office of Student Conduct

For Other Violations:
Dean of Students

Notification and Acceptance of Offer

Typically you will receive notification within two weeks of submitting your application. Once you receive an admission notice, you will have to confirm your participation on the program or withdraw your application to study abroad by the stated deadline in your admission notice.