UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Undergraduate Business Major Curriculum

The undergraduate business major takes four years -- eight semesters -- to complete.

Prior to admission to the business major, you will work on completing general education requirements, which apply to all UNC students, and prerequisites for admission to the major, many of which satisfy general education.

Core Curriculum

After admission to the business major, you complete a core set of courses, which provides the foundation of your major in business.

Major: Primary Core Courses 
BUSI 401 Management and Corporate Communication (3.0 credits)
BUSI 406 Principles of Marketing (3.0 credits)
BUSI 407 Financial Accounting and Analysis (3.0 credits)
BUSI 408 Corporate Finance (3.0 credits)
BUSI 410 Business Analytical Applications (3.0 credits)
BUSI 411 Strategic Management (1.5 credits)
BUSI 403 Operations Management (3.0 credits)
BUSI 404 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business (1.5 credits)
BUSI 405 Leading and Managing (3.0 credits)
BUSI 412 Corporate Strategy (1.5 credits)


You will have the opportunity to build on this foundation through a variety of business electives, which allow you to study these topics on a deeper level. You are required to complete a minimum of six business electives courses for 18 credit hours. If you develop a strong interest in a particular area, you have the opportunity to customize your degree with an emphasis.

You will continue to build on your liberal arts education as your complete a minimum of five electives outside of business that are required for your degree. This may provide an opportunity for you to pursue a second major or minor in Arts & Sciences or another professional school.


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