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Semester study abroad keeps you on track for graduation. You must be enrolled full-time for 12-18 credit hours, the same as you would take at UNC.

On a Undergraduate Business study abroad program, you can receive

  • Core credit towards your Undergraduate Business major
  • Business elective credit towards your Undergraduate Business major or minor
  • Credit for UNC General Education requirements
  • Credit towards a second major or minor
  • Points towards the Kenan-Flagler Global Inclusive Leadership Initiative

Core credit

A course will be approved if it is equivalent to the core course taught at Kenan-Flagler. The full course syllabus is needed for evaluation purposes. A full course syllabus includes a list of required readings, texts, a per-class breakdown of topics covered and outlines methods of assessment.

Business elective credit

Students need 18 credit hours of business electives to graduate, and this is the most common type of credit students receive abroad. Up to one business elective course taken abroad may also be used to count towards an Area of Emphasis, with the exception of international business (up to 9 credits).

General Education requirements

Students can fulfill Approaches, Connections, and Supplemental General Education requirements abroad with the appropriate approval.

Second major or minor credit

With the approval of the second major or minor department, you can receive credit for non-business courses to count towards your second major or minor.


Courses taken abroad on a Undergraduate Business semester study abroad program are transferred on a PS/F basis.  You will receive credit for a course as long as your final grade is the equivalent of a C or above. Grading scales vary by country, and your study abroad advisor can tell you the minimum local grade needed for a Pass.

Please contact ubpglobal@kenan-flagler.unc.edu for course approvals and questions related to credit transfers.


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