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Undergraduate Clubs

All clubs and organizations outside of Undergraduate Business Student Association are open to students of all years and majors.

Undergraduate Accounting Club

The Undergraduate Accounting Club (UAC) was founded for the purpose of being the primary accounting resource for all undergraduate students interested in the field. The organization aims to help students explore accounting by providing informational sessions that familiarize students with the profession and other relevant topics. The club also strives to help students prepare for a career in accounting by offering networking events with accounting professionals.

Contact UAC president Raquelle LeBlanc at raquelle@live.unc.edu or visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/UndergraduateAccountingClubUnc for more information.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest professional business fraternity. We are a co-ed organization representing students across an array of majors who are united by our interest in business. We focus on serving both our local and greater communities, bonding as a brotherhood through team building and social events, and advancing our professional development through guest speakers, seminars, case competitions, and resume and interview workshops, among other opportunities. Contact president Brad Murphy at braderic@live.unc.edu for more information.

Carolina Sustainable Business Club

Carolina Sustainable Business Club exists to cultivate values-driven business leaders by equipping and empowering them to be social and environmental change-makers as they enter the workforce. Contact president Rabina Sawhney at  carolinasustainablebusiness@gmail.com, or visit http://carolinasustainablebusiness.web.unc.edu/ for more information. 

Carolina THINK (Tar Heel Innovation & Networking Kitchen: Entrepreneurship & VC Club)

Carolina THINK raises awareness and interest in the entrepreneurial field. We help students discover entrepreneurship as a discipline that expands beyond the confines of conventional business. By combining classroom knowledge with the resources made available to us on campus, we aim to grow awareness behind the importance of entrepreneurship to students from all backgrounds. Carolina Think shows students that everyone has the potential of becoming an entrepreneur.

The goal of Carolina Think is to connect entrepreneurial-minded students and create a united approach for the development of social and commercial change. We plan on reaching our goal by holding monthly meetups where Thought-Leaders, CEOs, and Professors/Researchers can come and speak to Carolina students. We hope these leaders in innovation can connect with the student body, reveal market trends, share takeaways, and inspire. For more information, please contact President: Vibhor Kedia (vk1996@live.unc.edu) or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/carolinathink.

Carolina Women in Business

Carolina Women in Business is dedicated to promoting the advancement of women in the business world through professional development, community outreach, campus involvement, and social opportunities. Contact president Caroline Wagner at Caroline_Wagner@kenan-flagler.unc.edu or visit http://www.carolinawomeninbusiness.com/  for more information.

Consulting Club

The Consulting Club‘s mission is to get as many of its members into Consulting positions that are right for them.  We do this by informing students about the industry, connecting them with a wide variety of firms, and preparing them for the recruitment process through professional development workshops and social events. Throughout the whole process, we strive to help students build a lifetime network, which is incredibly critical in the Consulting world.

Contact the president Lexi Hawks at lexi_hawks@kenan-flagler.unc.edu for more information.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a coed business fraternity that offers business students the opportunity to emerge from Kenan-Flagler as well-rounded graduates with the credentials needed to be successful in today's job market. Delta Sigma Pi offers participation in professional activities, community service projects and social events.

Contact president Anna Spove at Anna_Spove@Kenan-Flagler.unc.edu for more information.

UNC Finance Society

The purpose of the UNC Finance Society is to increase student awareness of career paths in the financial services industry and provide networking and educational opportunities relating to finance.

Contact the president, Lauren Lesha at Lauren_Lesha@kenan-flagler.unc.edu for more information.

International Business Club

The International Business Club serves to benefit both UNC students who are interested in international business and international students who are studying abroad at UNC.  A main goal of the club is to facilitate the knowledge and understanding of different business cultures across the globe by bringing together international exchange students and American students. Through professional development and social events, the club helps all interested students learn about international business opportunities and pathways.  For more information, please contact president Matt Ragusa at Matthew_Ragusa@kenan-flagler.unc.edu.


Pride@KFBS serves as the Undergraduate Business Program’s LGBTQ+ organization. The organization seeks to increase LGBTQ+ visibility at Kenan-Flagler and to establish a sense of community for LGBTQ+ students and allies interested in business. Additionally, we connect students to LGBTQ-friendly employers and seeks to provide extensive professional development opportunities specific to the needs of LGBTQ+ students in business. Our organization welcomes allies to show support and partake in educational events, which will provide them the tools to become a better ally. For more information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Co-Presidents Graeme Strickland (Graeme_Strickland@kenan-flagler.unc.edu) or Brendan Kerestes (Brendan_Kerestes@kenan-flagler.unc.edu).

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club supports proactive students interested in the field of marketing.  By combining classroom knowledge with the resources made available to us by Kenan-Flagler, we provide real experiences for our engaged members through case competitions, guest lectures, and recruiting events.  Please contact the president, Lindsay Pasteris at Lindsay_Pasteris@kenan-flagler.unc.edu for more information.

Minority Business Student Alliance (MBSA)

The MBSA seeks to unite minority students who are interested in business administration, economics, industrial relations and other business-related disciplines. Students are brought together with business professionals and faculty members who advise on career and educational opportunities.

Contact the Co-Presidents Taylor Medlock or  Diamonde Henderson at minoritybusinesskfbs@outlook.com or  visit https://studentlife.unc.edu/organization/minority-business-student-alliance/about for more information.

Operations Club

The Operations Club serves the needs of undergraduate students interested in the operations discipline or operations-related careers beyond graduation. Our goal is to educate students on operations careers, provide connections to potential employers and faculty resources, and foster an environment of intellectual curiosity and practical guidance to better prepare them for their careers and lives beyond college. We accomplish these goals by combining the operations concepts and knowledge students gain in the classroom with hands-on, real-life experience through facility tours, guest speakers, recruiting events, interactive activities, case competitions, and meet-and-greets with Operations Department faculty and alumni in the field.

For more information, please please visit our website or contact President Thor Petersen at Thor_Petersen@Kenan-Flagler.unc.edu

Real Estate Club

The Undergraduate Real Estate Club is founded for the purpose of educating undergraduates in the career of Real Estate. Our objectives are to coordinate presentations, discussions, social events, and related group activities around Real Estate.

Contact the president Jennie Vo at undergraduate_business_real_estate@kenan-flagler.unc.edu for more information.

The Undergraduate Business Technology Club

The Undergraduate Business Technology Club is a career-driven organization that aids tech-savvy students in networking within the local and national business-tech community. Additionally, the club will help both under- and upperclassmen understand the necessary skills they will need for a successful internship and job search. We are the intermediaries – who embrace the client-facing and strategic side of technology, and partner with the architects and software developers who create lines of code. Contact president Bobby Richter at Robert_Richter@kenan-flagler.unc.edu or visit us at https://studentlife.unc.edu/organization/undergraduate_business-technology_club for more information.

UNC Undergraduate Healthcare Club

The UNC Undergraduate Healthcare Club aims to inform students about career and post graduate opportunities in the healthcare industry. From healthcare administration to healthcare consulting, the opportunities are endless and we want to assist students explore their options. In addition to educational and networking events, we volunteer within the local healthcare community to gain an understanding of the industry as a whole. As UNC Kenan-Flagler’s first undergraduate healthcare club, we hope to be the future leaders within our industry.

To learn more about the Undergraduate Healthcare Club, visit https://www.facebook.com/undergradhealthcareclub or contact President Joseph Romaine (joseph97@live.unc.edu).

Super Cooper's College Buddies

The purpose of this organization is to support children through the Super Cooper’s Little Red Wagon Foundation while they undergo pediatric cancer treatment at UNC and Duke Hospitals through a friendship full of love and happiness. One friend is all it takes.

Our objective is to provide a positive and dependable role model for each Super Cooper child. It is our intention to be this child’s friend and parent’s respite during their temporary relocation. An integral piece of the fight against cancer is maintaining a positive mindset and a strong willingness to succeed. Perhaps a friend is all they need to help give that extra push. Another piece that cannot be understated is the reciprocity of this relationship; the Super Cooper children have just has many, if not more, life lessons to teach all of us. We also aim to educate our membership on the issues involved in the psychosocial care of pediatric cancer patients.

 To learn more about Super Cooper's College Buddies,contact President Maggie Apple at Maggie_Apple@kenan-flagler.unc.edu.


Moneythink UNC is part of a national Moneythink movement at college campuses across the country seeking to promote financial capability through education. We are attempting to expand economic opportunity in the United States by equipping high school youth with the right tools to navigate the financial decisions of adulthood, and achieve financial prosperity. Our innovative mentorship model gets young people excited about financial education and enables them to make smart financial decisions. We are starting our students down the path toward economic success – in turn, generating a financial ripple effect through families and entire communities.

If you are interested in joining the movement please visit http://forms.moneythink.org/s3/apply and fill out the application. While we are not currently accepting new member, any applications we receive will be considered in the fall.


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