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Q: What criteria are you looking for in selecting GLOBE Scholars?

A: Applicants to GLOBE are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance, difficulty of coursework attempted, GPA, extra-curricular activities, leadership experience, communication skills, and interest in global business. Prior international experience is not required. Applicants must complete the prerequisite requirements no later than the fall of sophomore year. Applicants are selected on the basis of their application to the Undergraduate Business Program, a GLOBE essay as part of that application, and a separate GLOBE interview.

Q: Do I need to speak a foreign language to participate in GLOBE?

A: No. All GLOBE coursework is conducted in English and English is the common language of communication between CBS, CUHK, and UNC students. It is not necessary or expected that students speak Danish or Cantonese to study for a semester in Copenhagen and Hong Kong.

Q: Can I do the yearlong GLOBE program and still graduate on time?

A: GLOBE involves a carefully planned curriculum, where students take business major courses at UNC and abroad. Participants have no difficulty graduating within the eight semesters allowed at UNC.

Q: Can I do a second major or minor with GLOBE?

A: It depends on each student’s individual academic plan, but second majors and minors have been possible in a wide variety of areas. Past GLOBE participants have double majored in such areas as Economics, Music, and Global Studies and minored in a variety of subjects, including Asian Studies, Philosophy, and Chemistry.

Q: How much does the GLOBE program cost? Are scholarships available?

A: The GLOBE program works on an exchange basis, where students pay UNC tuition and fees at their regular in state or out of state rate for the two semesters they spend abroad. A study trip fee charged at each institution and travel and living expenses in Copenhagen and Hong Kong make up the difference in cost from UNC. Each GLOBE Scholar is awarded a $5,000 scholarship, divided between the spring semesters of junior year and the fall semester of senior year, to help offset the costs of the program.

Q: What Areas of Emphasis can I do with GLOBE?

A: Any Area of Emphasis is possible with GLOBE. International Business and Entrepreneurship are the most common, but past participants have done Finance, Consulting, and Marketing Management.

Q: What are the specific GLOBE courses offered at CBS, CUHK, and UNC?

A: Students take two required GLOBE courses, focusing on the strengths of that region, at each of the partner universities. The two courses at CBS are Corporate Response to EU Integration and Finance and Financial Institutions in Society. The CUHK courses are Chinese Business and Marketing in China. The UNC courses focus on entrepreneurship and are Private Equity and Global Ventures.

Q: What are the GLOBE study trips?

A: In addition to the GLOBE-specific courses, the academic component of GLOBE is enhanced by study trips in each of the locations. Past trips have included Berlin, Brussels, Singapore, Beijing, Washington D.C., Research Triangle Park, and Charlotte, NC. The study trips include company visits, where students are able to apply their classroom learning to a professional setting and learn from executives in a variety of industries and countries.

Q: How will GLOBE impact my internship and full-time job search?

A: GLOBE students are highly sought out among UNC undergraduate business majors and their peers at other top universities. Students have access to individualized career coaching before departure and while they are abroad. Internship interviews are done virtually, and students have been very successful in securing placements at top companies. The one-of-a-kind GLOBE experience serves students well in full-time job interviews, as students can speak to studying business on three continents, what they have learned from GLOBE courses and study trips, their international network, and professional experience gained through summer internships. Click here for additional information about how GLOBE will impact your internship and full-time job search.

Q: How will GLOBE impact my recruiting process?

A: Participants will be on-campus at UNC for internship recruiting during their Fall semester of Junior year. While they are abroad for full-time recruiting the following Fall, many firms have readily incorporated Skype and other forms of virtual recruiting into their process. Additionally, GLOBE students have the opportunity to leverage the alumni network for career opportunities.

Q: For incoming GLOBE Scholars: How do I cancel my GLOBE registration after being admitted to the program?

A: If you are an incoming GLOBE Scholar and you wish to cancel your registration, you must follow the cancellation policy outlined here. In addition to contacting the University Registrar's Office, you must notify your UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School GLOBE advisor.

Q: For incoming GLOBE Scholars: Can I enroll in online courses?

A: Visiting exchange and incoming GLOBE Scholars are not eligible to enroll in any Friday Center courses.


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