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MAC graduates are in high demand. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor projects that the accounting profession will grow 4% from 2022 to 2032. Even with this demand, however, accounting firms and other corporation typically select students from the very best programs.

The UNC Kenan-Flagler STEM Designated MAC is one such program, ranked in the top 10 by numerous industry publications, including a #1 ranking in LinkedIn’s list of the best graduate schools for accounting professionals. Why #1? Perhaps it’s because 99% of our students are employed within three months of graduation, 94% of whom land at public accounting firms and 67% of those chose a Big 4 firm.

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Who’s hiring?

The network of firms and corporations who recruit MAC students from UNC Kenan-Flagler is always expanding. However, here’s a list of companies that have recently hired students from our program:

Companies That Recently Hired Our MAC Students
Bernard Robinson & Co.
Capital One
Cherry Bekaert
Credit Suisse
Dixon Hughes Goodman
Duke Energy
Eisner Amper
Elliot Davis
Ernst & Young
Grant Thornton
Hatteras Funds
Lincoln Financial
Thomas Judy Tucker
Wells Fargo

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What jobs are out there?

Our graduates move on to many remarkable places throughout their accounting careers. They typically start with a strong, entry-level role within an accounting firm or on a corporate finance team where they’ll employ both the technical talents they’ve learned as well as the soft skills in teamwork and interpersonal communications.

Here are five such roles:

Tax Associate
It goes without saying that a tax associate will assist in the preparation of tax returns. But, using basic research skills, you’ll also work to uncover methods to help clients reduce their current and future tax payments and to identify potential tax issues. You’ll ensure compliance with fiscal code and regulations while collaborating regularly with both internal staff and external customers.

Audit Associate
An extremely versatile role, an audit associate can work in an accounting firm, but can also work in the accounting department of any company or organization. In this position, you’ll test, document, and assess the accuracy of internal accounting procedures. You’ll prepare financial statements and disclosures and you’ll apply the auditing theory you’ve learned to evaluate a variety of client systems, working in close collaboration with your internal audit team as well as your external client. Essentially, you’re confirming the accuracy of financial information.

Assurance Associate
Assurance is similar to auditing, but it’s broader. As an assurance associate, you’ll be interacting with every aspect of a client’s business, so you’ll need a deep understanding of the company works. You’ll assess risk, evaluate internal controls, and ensure the reliability of many forms of business information. As an assurance associate, you’ll draw on your judgment, knowledge, and insight to ensure that your clients are reporting information that their investors can rely on.

Advisory Consultants
If you’re working as an advisory consultant, you’re be looking for ways to make your clients more efficient. You’ll assess a variety of business competencies: finance, organizational change, programs, operations, human resources, and more. You might also need to assist in the monitoring and managing of financial and/or operation risk. At the end of the day, advisory consultants help make things run smoothly.

Corporate Rotations
A position within an accounting and financial rotation at a major corporation will expose you to several facets of the organization over a few years’ time, including tax, audit, financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and more. You’ll need an open mind and a broad set of skills as you’ll move through several different positions during your rotation. At the end of your rotation, you’ll lock in a full-time role in one area, but the experience you’ve earned will leave you ready for many opportunities throughout your career.

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