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A community that collaborates.

One of the most impressive facets of our online format is the sense of community that develops between students, and between students and their professors. In many online programs, work is done in a vacuum with little to no connection with the outside world. Not here.

Our online format fosters collaboration through:

An Orientation and Leadership Immersion. Just prior to the first day of class, you’ll come to Chapel Hill to meet your classmates and many of your professors and to participate in a one-credit, leadership course. This three-day immersion event is one of the most popular aspects of the program as it sets in motion a spirit of partnership and collaboration.

Face-to-face classes that build strong peer-to-peer and peer-to-professor relationships. Like some traditional classes you may be used to, our live online classes are active discussions related to the weekly course material. In our webcam-enabled online classroom, you, your professor, and 12-18 of your classmates will tackle topics from the video lectures, relevant case studies, and questions from the homework.

Group work and social connections. Outside of the scheduled class time, you will work in small groups with your peers on projects related to the course material. This group work is an excellent opportunity for you to meet your classmates virtually, building friendships and professional connections as you share your past experiences, current challenges, and future goals.

A diverse group of students. Students enter the program from a variety of backgrounds. Some sit in the c-suite; others are just starting their careers. There are school teachers, scientists, logistics professionals, military veterans, and corporate accountants. Some are seeking a CPA license; others aim to increase their understanding of auditing principles. No matter who you are, you’ll learn from those around you; it’s the Carolina way.

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