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While our program formats deliver the same degree, and share the same curriculum and same faculty, they do so under different schedules. Classes for the on-campus format start once a year, in June. Online students can start in either January, March, June or September.

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Online format

The online format has a variable schedule that you set for yourself. You’ll need to take certain core and concentration-focused courses in a specific order, but most electives can be positioned as you see fit across the year.

Most students will be able to complete the curriculum in 12 to 24 months; however, you can extend your studies up to a 36-month maximum. It is important to note that some courses are not available in every quarter; you’ll need to be mindful of this as you plan your studies. You can start the program in January, March, June, or September.

In addition to the online coursework, you will attend an Orientation and Leadership Immersion in Chapel Hill prior to starting classes. If you’re participating in the structured recruiting process, you’ll also attend an Interview Week in Chapel Hill in late-September during your final year in the program.

Sample online format calendars

Calendars for the online format are merely samples. Many options are possible. If you would like help building your own calendar with specific courses, reach out to us at or 919-962-3209.

On-campus format

The on-campus format begins in late June with an Orientation and Leadership Immersion. Classes start in early July. You’ll take core courses, specialized tax or audit concentration courses, and elective courses across four quarters that span from July to the following June. In addition to the coursework, on-campus students participate in Interview Week in late-September.

While the on-campus format of the UNC Master of Accounting Program begins in June, we recognize that our students have unique opportunities to complete before starting the program. Examples include internships or competing in collegiate sports at their undergraduate institution. We’ve created an option for students such as these to start the program in early August and complete their first term on an accelerated timeline. Students seeking to start the on-campus format in early August must have fulfilled their undergraduate degree requirements and have received a grade of B- or better (not pass/fail) in an Introductory Finance course from a U.S.-based, AACSB-accredited institution.

Students starting in early August may also participate in our Structured Recruiting process. They are required to attend all events, including those conducted prior to starting coursework in early August. All students starting in early August have access to Career Services through their time in the program to complete a traditional job search.

On-campus format calendars

Calendars for the on-campus format have a fixed schedule.

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