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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are on a journey of change to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in all we do at UNC Kenan-Flagler and in all you experience during your time in our Master of Accounting Program. Our core values – integrity, inclusion, innovation and impact – reflect and form our unique culture. We are building a community that welcomes all identities and cultures and celebrates DEI – where everyone feels valued and a true sense of belonging. Our goal is to prepare you to be leader who cultivates diversity in teams, fosters inclusion and puts equity into action.

Starting your MAC journey

If you’re committed to your personal and professional growth, you’re in good company. The UNC Master of Accounting Program provides several opportunities for you to learn, grow and lead within a community of those that share your values and commitment. From leadership programs to in-class and club activities, you will influence your peers and help to shape our program. Your journey begins now.

Mentorship programs

Our mentorship programs help you develop inclusive leadership, career readiness, and networking skills, in preparation for graduate school and a successful career in business. Underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to join. The Accounting Mentorship Program, or AMP, is a remarkable opportunity for rising second- and third-year students from any non-UNC undergraduate institution to receive 1:1 personal mentorship. The MAC Mentorship Program is an opportunity for all UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate students to develop essential leadership skills while learning about the accounting and finance industries and gaining exposure to the business world.

Learn more about the Accounting Mentorship Program >
Learn more about the MAC Mentorship Program >

Student opportunities and organizational outreach

We strive to cultivate relationships with industry partners that are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within business, specifically for underrepresented groups. We actively engage via memberships, panels and participation in educational webinars and events.

Learn more about our opportunities and outreach >

Being a MAC student

We are excited that you are considering our program. We center our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion on learning more about you, your academic background, and your personal experiences. We’re building a community of responsible professionals and we can’t wait to see the impact you’ll make.

Our staff is committed to serving you. We’ve attended diversity trainings, including the Racial Institute for Inequality, and the Cultural Intelligence Center. In 2020, we launched a MAC DEI Task Force to assess student and staff experiences on our culture’s DEI climate. The task force is establishing priorities for strategic improvements to our program.

Student leadership

Student-elected and student-run, the Master of Accounting Student Association (MACSA) is our on-campus, MAC-specific government association. Each year, students vote for their commencement, community service, social and diversity and inclusion chairs. MACSA is an essential part of building a supportive and engaged student and staff community. Established in 2017, the MACSA Student Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee works toward a goal to increase diversity awareness and inclusion at UNC Kenan-Flagler and in the MAC program. The committee creates events that promote diversity and inclusivity, including guest diversity speakers, meetings and forums, panels and workshops.


Your coursework will prepare you to be a leader who cultivates diversity in teams, fosters inclusion and puts equity into action. You’ll take part in a leadership immersion during your orientation, take courses such as Gender at Work, Leadership, and Managing Workplace Diversity, and attend diversity events throughout your time with the program.

Our Orientation and Leadership Immersion is one of the important cornerstones of the UNC MAC Program. We strongly believe in the ability for new students to develop as leaders, meet each other, interact with faculty members and build a strong foundation for their online studies. Each immersion takes place over the course of three days and features MAC faculty and staff.

Discover more about our curriculum and what you’ll learn >


Building community

Meet members of our MAC community leading the change we need to build a just world.

Alexander Jackson

MAC Mentorship Program

Alexander Jackson

Alexander Jackson will tell you, success is earned through choice, not by chance. Jackson grew up in Houston, where he was raised by his mother and grandmother. In his early elementary days, he was no stranger to getting into trouble and being suspended from school – yet he was constantly told that he was “just not being challenged academically.”

Fast forward, through determination, hard work, and mentorship opportunities, and you’ll meet an Alexander Jackson who has not only persevered, but has flourished as part of UNC’s Master of Accounting Program.

Jackson’s story is an inspiring one. He’s given back to the Boys & Girls Club, which played an important role in his development. He’s stayed involved with the MAC Mentorship Program, which earlier solidified his interest in pursuing an accounting career and earning his master’s degree.

He’s excited to start the next chapter of his life doing what he loves: accounting and giving back. And he already knows the most important advice he wants to share with his future mentees: do what you love.

After all, that’s what got him to where he is today.

“If you’re passionate about your work, it won’t seem like work,” says Jackson.

Mikhail Wright

Senior Tax Associate
Ernst & Young
Raleigh, N.C.

Mikhail Wright

Mikhail Wright
Senior Tax Associate, Ernst & Young, Raleigh, North Carolina

Previous role: Squad Leader, U.S. Army
Academic background: Accounting, Florida Southern

Having spent 16-hour days serving in roles for the Army, Mikhail Wright wanted a new career for himself as well as a better life for his son. To help with his transition, he chose to pursue a Master of Accounting degree. “I wanted a degree that’s a tool,” said Mikhail, “a degree that can help me build the life I see for myself and my son.”

Mikhail was interested in joining a public accounting firm, so he took advantage of the program’s active structured recruiting process. He made an impression with recruiters from several major firms and landed in an opportunity at Ernst & Young in Raleigh.

“It’s a really strange experience, especially if you’ve been in the job market before,” remembered Mikhail. “Instead of you doing the looking, you’re being hunted…and the firms really want you there. I received offers from all the firms I met with and had to decide which opportunity was the best fit for me and my son.”

Allison Elia

Director of Operations
After-School All-Stars
Columbus, Ohio

Allison Elia

Allison Elia
Director of Operations, After-School All-Stars, Columbus, Ohio

Previous experience: Teacher, Teach For America
Academic background: Chemistry, Duke

Allison Elia makes a difference in her community. With a strong desire to help others, she worked for Teach for America before joining the programming team at After-School All-Stars in Columbus, Ohio. She loved the role, but it wasn’t playing to her true strengths. When she was offered the opportunity to shift into a more operational role, managing data, accounting, finances, and human resources, she jumped right in.

“At the end of the day, a nonprofit is still a business,” said Allison. “Going back to school would allow me to learn more about the business and have more informed conversations about how to best use our money.” Seeking to add hard skills and fundamentals, she chose accounting over an MBA. And, with a desire to immediately apply those skills, she chose UNC’s online Master of Accounting program.

The knowledge that Allison has gained has not only helped her grow professionally, but has also helped her organization make the most of grant money they’ve received. “We’re able to offer this program to more kids or offer more opportunities to the kids that we have now,” said Allison.

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