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MAC student perspectives: Employer recruiting events

MAC students meeting recruiters

The recruiting process can definitely be overwhelming at times, but the MAC Program staff provided helpful tips that prepared us for the various recruiting events, including the summer Meet the Firms event. In addition to the MAC resources, I was involved in the Energy Club through the MBA Program at Kenan-Flagler. Because I wanted to work with Duke Energy, networking through both the MAC and MBA Programs was beneficial because they provided me with extra details about the company’s operations. This extra intel really impressed the recruiters and it was a major reason that I landed an internship with Duke Energy.

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At the structured recruiting events, students meet with dozens of recruiters and partners from the top firms and corporations in order to figure out where they would like to apply for jobs. When you are in front of the firms, the best piece of advice I have is for you to simply be yourself. The recruiters really value full transparency, so it’s okay to be honest with recruiters about the work environment and industries that you aspire to work in. And, if you’re prepared with good questions about company operations and business practices, recruiters will get a good feel about the type of person you are.

Every student has a unique story about why they are in the MAC Program. Some students were fresh out of undergrad with little work experience and some, like myself, had worked in full-time jobs and were transitioning between careers. It is important to be upfront with recruiters and the MAC career services staff about your work background because it can be an important factor in your job search.

Before I started grad school, I actually lost my job so I know just how nerve-racking recruiting can be. However, when I told my story in interviews, the recruiters appreciated my honesty. Yes, a job search can be stressful but it is also a lot of fun and it was a very positive experience for me.

Later, when I spoke to my friends about why they decided to work for a specific firm, they all said the people they met at the office visits seemed very genuine. I loved my internship at Duke Energy because everyone in my division of the company was so willing to help mentor me.

by Connor Buker, MAC ’18

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