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Meet our Students

Our students come from across the country and around the world to create the kind of diverse teams they will experience in their careers. They help one another succeed in school, and they draw on the friendships and close-knit network they form for years to come. 

Let's meet several of them.

Leanne FredericksLeanne Fredericks, bank treasurer

The online format was the perfect choice for a busy banker as it afforded her the opportunity to earn her MAC degree while continuing to build her career.

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>> Hear Leanne's perspective on the online format

Allison EliaAllison Elia, director of operations

Putting new accounting skills and knowledge to work right away was important to Allison...and even more important to the non-profit organization she represents.

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>> Learn how Allison is making a difference in her community

Mark LoydMark Loyd, school teacher

Mark needed to switch careers to put himself on a path lined with growth opportunities. He found accounting, and the flexible, no-prerequisite online format of the UNC MAC Program.

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Mikhail Wright Mikhail Wright, Army veteran

A single dad built a new life for himself and his son, with a MAC degree and a new career in public accounting.

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Brad BertinotBrad Bertinot, U.S. army major

The flexibility and convenience of the online format, and the program's powerful recruiting engine, allowed a military leader to take on a new battlefield within the accounting profession.

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Dominique StephensonDominique Stephenson, MBA + MAC

With an MBA under her belt, and a banking career underway, Dominique wanted to go deeper. She found a new passion in accounting and added significant credential to an already impressive resume.

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Jack SongJack Song, from China to Chapel Hill

This chemistry major offers sage advice for international students wishing to pursue their studies in the U.S. and science majors looking to leverage their deep skills in research and critical thinking.

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Anne MendelsohnAnne Mendelsohn, from anthropology to accounting

Studying history and anthropology, as well as working for a non-profit, prepared Anne for the rigors of her accounting studies. The network she developed at UNC has prepared her for much more.

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Jay PatelJay Patel, New York City expat 

Born and raised, and later educated and employed, in New York City, Jay's journey to North Carolina was surprisingly intimidating, but what he found when he arrived was a new family here to support him.

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Brandon Ku, MAC Online Student

Brandon Ku

Brandon had an undergraduate degree in accounting and a solid job offer, but he wanted advanced skills and access to an East Coast network. He lives in Utah, but is earning his MAC degree online from UNC.

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Travis Baten, MAC Online Student

Travis Baten

UNC's online MAC degree was a perfect fit for this Florida student. He was looking for a great job right of school and wanted to finish his studies in months, not years.

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Alexander Jackson

Alexander Jackson

Determination, hard work, and mentorship brought Alexander Jackson from Houston to the UNC Master of Accounting Program. Now, his passion is driving to give back to those who helped encourage him along the way

>> Learn more about Alexander


Minu Ramani - MAC Student

Minu Ramani

A lawyer wanted a deeper knowledge of taxes to advance her career. Instead of more law school, she chose to pursue a Master of Accounting degree from UNC Kenan-Flagler.

>> Learn more about Minu

Ed Lee - MAC Student

Ed Lee

Earning a MAC degree doesn’t mean you have to go into public accounting. Learn how one UNC Accounting student has tailored the program to his unique career path.

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Nancy Gong - MAC Student

Nancy Gong

23-year-old Nancy Gong found a lack of business qualifications was holding her back from finding a good corporate job. But UNC’s MAC program has put her in demand.

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Ryan Ramsey - MAC Student

Ryan Ramsey

Ryan Ramsey was worried that a Master of Accounting program was going to be dull and dry. But he found it was far different than he had imagined.

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