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Why a MAC degree is awesome for my career


I come from a complicated, interdisciplinary background. My first undergraduate degree was in applied mathematics. My second was in meteorology. Each of these experiences helped me become a good accountant.

The proof is in the proof
UNC Kenan-Flagler already has expounded on why math majors make great accountants. Here’s an example that my fellow math majors will relate to.

In finance class, our professor occasionally indulged in algebraic proofs. As a math major, I appreciated the value of this teaching method (while my classmates’ eyes were glazing over). Seeing the proof cemented the associated theorem in my mind. If you hated proofs, there’s no need to worry – accountants don’t typically prove mathematical theorems. I, however, was disappointed that we didn’t see more of them.

Beyond the proofs, having a strong math background simply makes you more comfortable around numbers and basic algebra. Math strikes fear in the hearts of many. Sparing yourself some anxiety will definitely make you more successful.

Forecasting a successful career
Meteorology isn’t exactly the most common of science-based majors. However, unlike many of the sciences, many undergrad meteorology programs focus on interacting with the public and conveying knowledge – two key responsibilities of the discipline.

You may have read somewhere (including on this blog) that accounting is the language of business. Conveying complex information to a public audience is a skill that few professionals – in any field – possess. While the breed of specialized information you will learn in the MAC program is very different from your undergraduate studies, your ability to disseminate that information is a skill that will carry you far.

As a meteorology major, I have a strong background in chemistry, mathematics and programming. If you majored in any of these fields, you can reap all the benefits of a MAC, too.

By Nicole Gardner (MAC ’16)

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