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Science majors make great accountants

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Maybe you were one of those kids who never grew out of the habit of asking “why.” Maybe you just had to know more about butterflies or brains, protons or polymers. Now, what’s next?

After four years of labs and lectures, you know a lot about how the natural and physical world works. You might even have a story — maybe about how birds migrate thousands of miles or how dryer sheets work — for when grandma asks you what you’ve learned. Your undergraduate science education also equipped you with keen observational skills, an analytical approach to finding answers and pretty good math skills.

So, what do you do with it all?

>> Learn how we can help you switch careers.
>> Match your science courses to accounting courses and skills.

Better career options.

Your career options don’t have to be a choice between coffee chemistry as a barista or many more years slogging through graduate school for a PhD and an uncertain academic job market. You probably want to continue to learn new things about the world. You’d also like to harness skills you developed in your science coursework.

The science of business data.

How about a career where you collect data, analyze it and communicate your findings to others? Maybe one where there’s high demand and good pay – even six-figure salaries after just five years?

Accountants spend their days collecting data — financial numbers and other data — making sense of it, and then advising executives on what it means.

You may have never glanced at a balance sheet, but you’re already in the right mindset. The year-long UNC Kenan-Flagler Master of Accounting degree can give you all the accounting and business skills you need to take this mindset forward into a successful accounting career.

There’s more.

All that hard work you pumped into your undergrad science courses will help you immensely as you pursue your MAC degree and, more importantly, when you’re working as an accountant. Yes, what you learn in school matters! To illustrate this, check out this handy grid that matches your science courses with accounting courses and skills.


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