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MAC student perspectives: Exam week

There is not really a clear line where finals week began. Rather, the week was a culmination of a full term’s worth of work and weeks of preparation for these exams. From the start, this week was one that was probably circled on everybody’s calendar; I know it was on mine. It was helpful to know that everybody in the program would be in the same boat; we were all out to earn the best grades we could.

Beginning with Audit, followed by Financial Reporting A, and ending with Finance, our exam schedule was three days that seemed like they would take an eternity. However, in reality, the time flew by, and before I knew it, Wednesday afternoon was here and I was completely done. By this time, my grade was completely out of my hands and I knew that I had done all I could do to put myself where I wanted to be.

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No matter what grades I would ultimately walk away with, I took away some very important feelings beyond a new understanding of an audit report, dollar-value LIFO liquidations, and stock valuations.

  1. Without question, there is competition in the MAC program; everyone here is extremely talented and works very hard. However, I still received an outpouring of support and compassion from my classmates and professors that helped me perform at my highest potential.
  2. Another takeaway for me was the amount of confidence and pride I had in myself on Wednesday afternoon when I walked out of Kenan-Flagler. I knew that I had worked hard — harder than I ever had before — and I knew that I had learned more than I thought imaginable in 10 weeks.
  3. Most of all, I knew that after I complete this program I will be prepared for wherever my career takes me.

I am confident that this experience during Exam Week was an absolute privilege. It may be odd to say but receiving an outstanding education, in an amazing environment, with unreal professors, and I having a blast doing it, is as rewarding as it gets!!

by Ryan Peevey, MAC ’18

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