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MAC Admissions: How long will it take me to earn the degree? How long do I have to finish?

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12 to 36 months. Yes, that’s right; in just one year, you can earn a Master of Accounting degree from the top-ranked UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Our on-campus format, a full-time program designed for students who are not working, starts each year at the end of June and wraps up the following June. One year, one powerful degree. You’ll very likely heading into — or continuing with — one remarkable job as well.

In our online format, you set the speed. You can start in January, March, June, or September, and if you take a full load, you can also finish in 12 months. If you’d like to roll at slower pace so that you better manage your time with work, family, or other commitments, you can extend your time in the program up to 36 months.

>> Download our “ROI” whitepaper, with a speed-to-degree analysis comparing the MAC with other popular pursuits
>> Download the “Quality Control Audit”, a helpful worksheet to compare online graduate programs

Other graduate accounting programs appear to be faster — what gives?

First of all, most aren’t. In fact, many programs are 18-24 months. Secondly, most programs that advertise nine- or ten-month options require students to have taken numerous prerequisite courses before starting the program. Unless you have already take these required classes, you’ll need to add on the time required to complete that work. Finally, many “lighter” programs are, in fact, lighter. They remove much of the critical “soft-skills” curriculum that sets leading Master of Accounting programs apart from the rest. It is these same soft skills that most employers are not only seeking, but requiring, from their new hires.

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Can I get credit — or waivers — for having already completed some accounting/business coursework?

In our online format, yes. Students who have completed accounting courses as part of their undergraduate studies or in pursuit of their MBA may apply for course waivers for up to three courses (12 total credits). These waivers reduce the total credits required to complete the program and, subsequently, the overall tuition cost. Because our on-campus format operates on a fixed schedule, course waivers are not available; however, a wide variety of electives — covering topics related to law, governmental accounting, economics, negotiations, finance, leadership, and data analytics — allow students to customize their curriculum during their time in the program.

How is the pace of your program impacted by the firm recruiting schedule?

It isn’t. This said, several significant recruiting events are built in to the academic calendar. Starting in July, and running through September, a series of employer forums and networking functions introduce students to the numerous firms and corporations that recruit — and hire — from both formats of the UNC MAC Program. In late-September, a comprehensive Interview Week allows students to break from their classes to attend firm interviews in Chapel Hill.