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MAC admissions: Does your MAC Program offer scholarships or fellowships?

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Yes, we do, for both our on-campus format as well as our online format. And not all graduate accounting programs make fellowship offers, so it’s a good question to ask! Yes, while all of our students bring a high degree of awesome to the UNC Master of Accounting Program, we feel that it’s important to recognize those who have particularly remarkable qualities with merit-based fellowship awards, sometimes called scholarships.

We offer fellowships – financial awards that reduce the overall cost of education — to ensure that we attract the best students to our program. We do not want financial burden to be a reason an applicant does not pursue a MAC degree at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Of note: We do not use a separate application for fellowship consideration; simply provide as much relevant information in your admissions application and interview so that we can properly evaluate your qualifications.

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What qualifies me for a fellowship? What can I do to improve my chances of getting one?

Being awesome, either quantitatively with a great GPA or high GMAT/GRE scores or qualitatively with outstanding leadership skills and experience, is the best way to showcase the characteristics deserving of a merit fellowship. (And, yes, applicants who receive a GMAT/GRE exemption or waiver are always considered for fellowships.) Strong grades/scores and leadership positions, however, are not the only criteria we consider. Some of the key qualities we’ve rewarded in recent application periods include: leadership within the military, community service, and excellence in sports, just to name a few.

Think you deserve a fellowship? Or would you like one? Here are a few things that you can do to tip the scales in your favor. First, look for opportunities to stretch your leadership muscle. Volunteer for key roles within your company, within organizations where you participate, or within charities you support. Second, study hard — or harder! — in the courses you have left, to raise your GPA, or in preparation for the GMAT or GRE. Demonstrating your intellectual horsepower tells us that you mean business and that you are destined to star as a student in our MAC Program. Finally, tell us, clearly, what you’ve done, and what you plan to do. Use your statement of purpose, your resume, your application, and your admissions interview to make your impact known. Powerful communicators often make outstanding accountants and corporate finance stars!

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How much are your fellowships?

Our fellowships vary broadly and every year is different. The average range for a fellowship is $3000 to $6000, and many awards exceed $10,000.

Fellowship or not, does this degree really pay off?

Absolutely! In fact, there are few degrees that offer a return on investment as competitive as what the UNC MAC degree delivers. Here are four reasons why. First, Big Four and middle-market public accounting firms and numerous major corporations recruit and hire students directly from our program. You’ll graduate with a degree, and a job with a strong salary. Second, the uber-practical MAC makes you immediately competitive for advanced positions on corporate finance teams, for numerous banking and accounting roles, and for any job that require a strong understanding of finances, process management, and operational controls. Third, earning your MAC makes you eligible to for the prestigious CPA designation, which will boost your resume and set you apart as you pursue promotions within your organization or industry. Finally, the MAC opens the door to the c-suite; many Fortune 500 CFOs — and CEOs — hold Master of Accounting degrees and earn six-, seven- and even eight-figure salaries!

We’re here to help.
If you are interested in applying to our program (and, hopefully, earning a fellowship!), the information above might have just scratched the surface. We encourage you to learn more about our top-ranked program, request a consultation with one of our admissions experts or download our ROI analyses for early-career graduates pursuing the accounting profession or for working professionals.