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The mission of the Master of Accounting program is to provide a rigorous program of study in the discipline of accountancy that prepares individuals for successful careers, and ultimately roles of leadership, in the accounting profession. We cultivate future leaders by developing both an understanding of the theoretical aspects of accounting and an ability to apply underlying accounting theory to practical business transactions. Further, in accomplishing these goals, our mission is to maintain the national recognition we have achieved among our academic peers and our professional constituents as a top-level provider of graduate accounting education.

Program Overview

Top 10 Master of Accounting (MAC) degree is offered in two convenient formats:

  • On-campus (CampusMAC):  12 month, full-time, on-campus degree geared toward non-accounting majors.  Business, liberal arts and science majors are all eligible.  You cannot have more than 12.0 credits of accounting to enter the program because it is geared for non-accounting majors.*  Historical job placement of 95% or higher.
  • Online (Accounting@UNC):  15 month, full-time, online degree, open to both non-accounting majors and students with accounting-heavy backgrounds**. Sophisticated and interactive online format including small section sizes and a sense of community.  Includes an optional winter internship with firms.  Same access to campus recruiting. 
* For CampusMAC, if you are uncertain about your undergraduate credits, please upload your transcripts within the application portal and then email us at mac_info@unc.edu so that we may review your education records before you proceed with submitting your application.

** For Accounting@UNC, students who enter Accounting@UNC with accounting-heavy backgrounds will receive a personalized curriculum that incorporates additional business coursework and/or waivers for courses they have already completed. In these situations, the total credit hours may be less than the program's standard 45-hour format.

Program Curriculum

Please click the links below to view the CampusMAC and Accounting@UNC curriculum. Courses and dates are subject to change.


To learn more about either of our program formats, please contact us at .

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