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Real-Life Learning

At UNC Kenan-Flagler, we that believe the best business education includes knowledge gained from practical, action-based learning experiences with real consequences. Our dynamic hands-on simulations, business projects and capstone courses provide numerous opportunities to learn by doing.

Our world-class professors partner with successful business leaders to guide and coach students to think critically and creatively; to work collaboratively; to identify and enhance their personal strengths; and to sharpen their underdeveloped skills. This hands-on, intensive approach – so rarely used in other MBA programs – provides the kind of honest, critical and individualized feedback that prepares students to become leaders.

Real-Life Success

We shape leaders through real-life learning experiences – turning theory into practice, education into a competitive edge.

Our graduates become skilled at the art of leadership – developing character strengths and abilities that shape who they are both as business leaders and as people.

Recruiters tell us that UNC graduates are more fully prepared to take action, influence and lead – even early in their careers. Because we provide our students with tools to enhance self-awareness and opportunities to build upon their strengths, they enter the workforce with experience beyond their years and the ability to help organizations identify and creatively solve problems.

Real-Life Learning Opportunities

Real-life learning opportunities at UNC Kenan-Flagler include action-based learning in real-world settings with real consequences, as well as opportunities where real-world settings are simulated.

Program For When Focus Outcomes
STAR Program
Full-Time MBA
Mods 3 & 4, Spring
Experiential project-based learning; extended 4-month consulting engagement with actual client Strengthened thought leadership and problem-solving skills; unique client-facing interactions; develop teamwork skills and build network with exceptional students
Global Business Project (GBP)
Full-Time MBA
Mods 3 & 4
Intensive, 4-month, real-world consulting engagement, with a combination of virtual and face-to-face teaming, culminating with 2 weeks in GBP target country
Consulting skills and frameworks for more effective decision-making in global settings; virtual and face-to-face leadership practice in globally diverse teams; access to global companies that recruit MBAs
Launch the Venture

Full-Time MBA
Mods 1, 2 & 3
Series of courses that teach, empower and inspire entrepreneurial teams to launch commercial businesses and social ventures; teams are comprised of a mix of students, faculty and staff Experience building a business from concept to launch; in some cases, culminates in various levels of investment funding from outside sources
Real Estate Investment Management

Full-Time MBA
4 Mods (6 credits)
Management of an investment fund

Experience investing in real estate funds and preparing quarterly reports
AIM: Applied Investment Management

Full-Time MBA
2 Mods (3.5 credits)
Each student serves as a financial planner (analyst) for KFFP; completion of a financial plan for a client (investor).

Analytical skills needed to aid investors; helps individual investors use and evaluate the services offered by analysts
Kenan-Flagler Private Equity Fund

Full-Time MBA
Mods 1-4
The Kenan-Flagler Private Equity Fund is a student-run fund with more than $4.4 million of committed capital under management

Experience in every aspect of fund management, including deal sourcing, negotiating terms, fundraising and limited partner meetings
Leadership Immersion Capstone
Full-Time MBA Mod 4
6-credit course with team competitions, simulations, outdoor challenges, workshops and 1-on-1 executive coaching Tests ability to communicate, be self-aware, problem-solve, manage conflict, deliver results, influence, empower and delegate, and be a team player
Senior Accountant Simulation
Master of Accounting
Mod 1
Email simulation as a newly promoted employee; executive debrief in small group Tests ability to plan and organize, communicate, problem-solve, manage conflict, and act with integrity
New Leader Simulation
Full-Time MBA
Evening MBA
Weekend MBA
Mods 1 & 3
Email simulation as a new vice president; executive debriefing in small group Tests ability to problem-solve, empower, delegate and implement change
Social Entrepreneurship

Full-Time MBA
Mod Course
Hands-on business plan development

Broadens knowledge and understanding of social entrepreneurship; engagement in a business planning exercise designed to assist individuals or local nonprofit organizations to establish and launch social entrepreneurial ventures
New Venture: Launch (aka SoftLaunch)

Evening MBA
Weekend MBA
Spring, Summer
Structured, systematic approach to develop a business model and launch strategy for a new venture concept; develop a preliminary business plan and pitch to communicate and launch the business Students work as teams and domain cohorts in the development of their respective business plans; experience learning outside of a traditional classroom setting
Business Plan Analysis

Full-Time MBA
Mod Course
Introduces MBA students to seven real-life startups; students play the role of potential investors analyzing a deal Students learn from meeting real entrepreneurs and investors from a variety of industries
Global Entrepreneurship Lab

Evening MBA
Weekend MBA
Mod 3
Start-up simulation for an early-stage advanced technology venture; consulting to entrepreneurial firms in global settings

Experience interacting directly with members of the founding team of an advanced technology start-up, and with Accelerate consultants who support the team
Managerial Simulation
Full-Time MBA
Evening MBA
Weekend MBA
Mods 1, 3 & 4
Two 1-on-1 role plays; personal feedback and executive debriefing Tests ability to manage conflict, influence and motivate, communicate effectively, and manage stress
Up Your Game Simulation
Full-Time MBA
Mod 2, Seniors
Email simulation for a rising star and executive debriefing in small group Tests ability to plan and organize, communicate, problem-solve, manage conflict, influence and be a team player
Entrepreneurial Consulting
Undergraduate Fall, Spring
Semester-length course in which student consulting teams work with entrepreneurial clients on current real-world problems Students gain exposure to consulting frameworks, practice problem-solving skills, engage in primary research activities and demonstrate leadership through project management
Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC)
Full-Time MBA Spring
Competition created at UNC that simulates the entire VC investment process; real entrepreneurs pitch to MBA student teams; over 50 schools participate in a series of 40 events on three continents Experience in all aspects of the role of a venture capitalist
Carolina Startup Challenge
All UNC students, staff, faculty and alumni Spring
$50,000 competition in which students bring their real-life startup ideas to be evaluated by panels of startup judges Experience writing business plans and presenting venture pitches, students replicate the real-life process of fundraising for startups

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