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The Master of Accounting Program welcomes candidates from all fields of undergraduate study, including liberal arts, the social and physical sciences, fine arts and business. Prior courses in accounting are helpful in determining interest and ability in the field, but are not required for admission.


To encourage diversity in student educational backgrounds, the on-campus format of Master of Accounting program (CampusMAC) offers two basic routes to the MAC degree and then individually tailors each student’s curriculum according to experience and interests. The first route is for candidates who have earned their undergraduate degrees in a non-accounting field. These students begin their course of study in May. The second route is for qualified upper-level business majors and business minors at UNC Chapel Hill. UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business majors and minors may waive out of some if not all of the summer courses, thus beginning their studies in August.

Applicants to the CampusMAC format may not have more than 12.0 credits of accounting to enter the program. This requirement is a reflection of the way the curriculum is structured. You will find that different programs across the U.S. are structured in various ways.


Unlike its on-campus counterpart, Accounting@UNC is open to students who completed more than 12.0 credits of accounting in their undergraduate studies. Students who enter Accounting@UNC with an accounting-heavy background will take a modified curriculum that incorporates additional business coursework.

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