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Corporate Finance Concentration


The concentration in Corporate Finance, through its courses, teaches a core set of skills in financial modeling, debt and equity issues, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, risk management, financial reporting and analysis, and taxation necessary in corporate finance positions as well as in other careers such as consulting.

Our students develop the skills and knowledge base to undertake positions in:

  • investment banks and commercial banks
  • corporate finance, treasury, and business development positions in Fortune 500 and mid-cap companies
  • financial consulting, general management consulting, and corporate strategy roles
  • venture capital and private equity firms, and
  • general management positions

At UNC Kenan-Flagler, we routinely place about a quarter of our top graduates in corporate finance: investment banks, corporations, and venture capital. The investment-banking component of corporate finance placement has historically been around 15% of our hiring. Another important placement for students is in corporate finance consulting positions. We also commonly place graduates into industry finance and commercial bank positions through our alumni network.


Concentration Team

Anil Shivdasani serves as the Director of the Corporate Finance concentration. Other faculty members with responsibility for maintaining and developing the concentration are Paige Ouimet, Cami Kuhnen, Nick Gantchev, Bill Weld, John Hand, and Ed Maydew. Questions about the concentration may be directed to Anil Shivdasani.


Concentration Leader: Anil Shivdasani

Curriculum Advisor: Paige Ouimet

Career Advisor: Anil Shivdasani

Senior Advisory Board

The Corporate Finance concentration relies heavily on input from its senior advisory board. Their advice on curriculum issues, student training, and their involvement in placement facilitates continuous improvement for the Corporate Finance concentration in response to changing market dynamics. Board members are also frequent guest speakers in classes. We organize activities in Charlotte and New York, the two locations where most of our corporate finance alumni are based.

Members of the MBA Corporate Finance Advisory Board are:

  • Anil Shivdasani - Wachovia Distinguished Professor of Finance, previous Managing Director, Citigroup
  • John Binnie - Managing Director, Moelis & Co.
  • Brent Callinicos - Treasurer, Google
  • Paul Parker - Head of Global M&A, Barclays Capital
  • Gary Parr – Deputy Chairman, Lazard
  • Geoff Chatas – Chief Financial Officer, The Ohio State University
  • Mike Jacobs – CEO, Jacobs Capital
  • Jon Yourkowski – Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Stephen DeMay – Treasurer and Executive Vice President, Duke Energy
  • Marc Zenner – Managing Director, JP Morgan

Concentration Requirements

The requirements for the Corporate Finance concentration include 3 credit hours of required coursework, plus 9 credit hours of other “approved” elective courses.

  • MBA 777: Fundamental Principles of Corporate Finance
  • MBA 733 : Financial Statement Analysis
Elective CoursesStudents should make an effort to take all highly recommended courses if possible. At least 4.5 hours of highly recommended coursework is a requirement for the concentration. A total of 9 hours of elective coursework is required.
Highly Recommended Elective Courses (At least 4.5 hours from this group):
  • MBA 789*, Mergers and Acquisitions (MBA 777 is a pre-requisite)
  • MBA 783, Introduction to Derivatives
  • MBA 739, Complex Deals
  • MBA 793, Investment Banking
  • MBA 780, Applied Corporate Finance
Other Approved Elective Courses:
  • MBA 796, Global Financial Markets
  • MBA 791, Fixed Income
  • MBA 797, Risk Management
  • MBA 846A, Private Equity
  • MBA 735, Taxes in Finance
  • *MBA 856, Real Property Decisions
  • *MBA 853, Real Estate and Capital Markets
  • *MBA 853F, Real Estate Finance
  • *MBA 854A, Real Estate Development: Finance
  • MBA 738C, Topics in Financial Reporting
  • MBA 787, Multinational Corporate Finance
  • MBA 792A, Investments
  • MBA 799, Governance & Financial Accountability
  • MBA 786A, Quantitative Methods in Finance
  • MBA 792D, Behavioral Finance

*Only 3 credit hours of these four Real Estate courses can be applied towards the concentration requirements.

MBA 854, Real Estate Development Process (6 hr course) is not an ‘Other Approved Elective Course’


Course Exemptions: To allow flexibility to design the concentration to specific career goals, students are allowed to replace 1.5 credit hours of an “elective course” with an alternate course with substantial finance content. To request an exemption, students should send an email to Anil Shivdasani with the syllabus for the alternate course and an explanation for why the substitution allows the student to better achieve their career interest and goals. 

Who's Teaching

Robert Bushman
John Hand
Scott Rostan
Ed Maydew
Anil Shivdasani

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