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Career Savvy Videos & Handouts


Designed for all of our alumni regardless of degree, concentration or level of experience, our webinar videos will take your career-management savvy to a new level. Below is a list of videos on key topics. You can access more videos on the Career Connections Events tab:

  • Enter the key word(s) in the search box and use the “Start Date” drop down to see a list of options.
  • Scroll down to select “All Past.”

If the event was recorded, you will find video link on that event’s description page.

Career Savvy 2.0

This series targets the essentials of career management and job search, whether you need a refresher on the fundamentals or more sophisticated approaches to crucial elements of job-search.

Career Savvy 3.0

The webinars go beyond the basics with advanced career and job-search strategies, special topics, including issues of importance to more seasoned professionals, and insights of guest speakers and panelists.


  • Motivations for Job Change: To determine whether you truly need a job change, identify your motivations.
  • Top 3 & Bottom 3 Exercise: Before you look to the job market to assess your options,  look inward at what makes you tick as a professional. This simple exercises help you envision the future by revisiting the past.
  • Moving Up vs. Moving Out Checklist: If it’s time for a change, consider whether you are likely to find your best opportunities by launching an internal or external job search.
  • Career Research Questions:  Researching career options through informational interviewing is a great strategy. These sample questions can get you started.
  • Job-Search Strategic Plan: Successful job searches don’t happen by accident. This template helps you to articulate your goals and identify key strategies to achieve them.
  • Resume Checklist: Use this tool to build in best practices and avoid the most common resume mistakes.
  • Summary Samples: The opening summary or profile on the resume is often the most challenging part to write. Here are samples to stimulate your thinking.
  • Resume Samples: These sample resumes provide examples of the kinds of messages, wording and designs you can use create a personalized and effective resume.
  • Cover Letter Samples: Use these samples to inspire your thinking about key selling points for your cover letters and how to present them.
  • Personal Branding Worksheet: Use this worksheet to articulate your current brand and envision the brand you want to build going forward.
  • Interviewing – Questions to Ask: Asking questions in an interview allows you to gather critical information and can showcase your selling points.
  • Negotiating Worksheet: This simple tool helps you develop your negotiating strategy by documenting the key components of a job offer, identifying your targets and tracking the outcomes of your efforts