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Student Experience

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UNC Kenan-Flagler students engage with the investment management discipline through student-led career clubs, key recruiting opportunities, investment competitions, and career workshops in a collaborative, inclusive and supportive culture. Tar Heels work together, with a confidence that brings out our best – and the best in others.

Investment Management Center hub diagramThe center serves as the hub of student, faculty and alumni engagement, particularly for those interested in asset management on the “buy-side” and the research, sales and trading areas of the “sell side” of the finance world. The center is devoted to fostering an engaged community for all stakeholders including students, alumni, faculty and staff and offering a wide array of experiential opportunities and unparalleled career support.

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The center also is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible journey to all students as they explore the investment management arena. Our center staff has completed campus-wide trainings offered by the University Office for DEI and is committed to partnering with centers across the university and providing resources for our community.


Select student award winners

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Shannon Wulff

2024 Capital Markets & Investment Management Student Award

Shannon Wulff

Congratulations to Shannon Wulff for receiving the Outstanding Investment Management Student 2024 Award at UNC Kenan-Flagler! Shannon served as the Investment Management Club President and flawlessly led the CareerLabs, Career treks and the Alpha Challenge volunteers and moderated the keynote at the Alpha Challenge. She represented the program to various stakeholders such as the Kenan-Flagler Board as well as current and prospective students and has been a terrific ambassador! She was an amazing mentor to various MBA and undergraduate students during her time at Carolina, evidenced by the various student nominations:

 “As President of the IM club, Shannon showed that despite being younger she had a level of maturity and dependability higher than most of her peers far older. Always willing to help out students (graduates and undergrad alike). No one deserves this more than her! I’m so proud of the person she has become!”

 “ Shannon is a highly engaged representative of our school, tirelessly working to enhance opportunities for future graduating classes.”

We wish Shannon all the best as she starts a new position as a Research Associate at William Blair.



Dan Miller

2024 Capital Markets & Investment Management Student Award

Dan Miller

Congratulations to Dan Miller for receiving the Outstanding Investment Management Student 2024 Award at UNC Kenan-Flagler! Dan served as the co-portfolio manager for the capstone Applied Investment Management (AIM) class and led the UNC team to victory at the UCLA credit competition, taking 1st place.  He actively mentored many MBA and undergraduate students during his time at Carolina, evidenced by the various student nominations:

Dan is someone that anyone can go to for advice about investment management. Extremely capable and inclusive as a leader on the AIM fund.”

 “ Dan was always willing to help the first years, and most importantly, he did it with a smile on his face and a friendly and approachable attitude. Dan was an example of humility, patience, and support.”

We wish Dan all the best as he starts a new position as a High Yield Credit Analyst at Thrivent Asset Management.


Davis Morrison

2023 Capital Markets & Investment Management Student Award

Davis Morrison

Full-time: Associate, Private Credit and Equity, SharpVue Capital
Internship: High Yield Spring Intern, Barings

“Davis is an exceptional CMI student from every aspect, whether it be academic or extra-curricular leadership. He has a terrific understanding of the broader capital markets, investments and sales & trading landscape, across all our various sub-sectors and depth in each area – probably the best I have ever seen. His leadership capabilities are unparalleled whether it be spearheading the new credit investing session, the inaugural Charlotte trek, the Alpha Challenge (including mentoring the 1Ys which resulted in 1st place finishes across equities & credit as well as playing a major role in building the credit bracket) as well as kicking-off the inaugural Alpha Competition for Undergraduates (including being a judge and helping out wherever needed). Really appreciate his work with incorporating Alpha Theory into AIM and even though he became quite busy at the end of his MBA, he delivered flawlessly on both spring internships. He is also a great example of a terrific ally, as evidenced by his interest in supporting all our students (particularly underrepresented communities) and Smart Women Securities. What I especially appreciate is his eagerness to help others and stepping up whenever asked and always delivering in a reliable, thoughtful and top-notch manner, embodying all of our core values of Integrity, Inclusion, Innovation and Impact.”

“Davis has been a true leader in our IM program. His participation in the classrooms constantly elevated the discussion. He has singlehandedly spearheaded the Fixed Income initiative, helping new students get up to speed and playing a crucial role in the organization of the Alpha Challenge. He took a lot of responsibilities in the AIM program, including helping bring structure to the class meetings. He expanded the reach of the IM program beyond fundamental equity valuation, including credit, energy, and volatility modeling. He never hesitated to reach out and collaborate with fellow students and faculty. He is an exemplary model for the type of students that we need in our program.”

“Davis is an immense support to the entire IM community at Kenan-Flagler. He has helped many students (including me) learn the technical aspect of stock/credit analysis. He has also given many insights on networking and building relationships in the IM industry. He is passionate about the industry and building the community here at UNC KFBS!”