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Nur Sunar

Associate Professor of Operations and Sarah Graham Kenan Scholar


McColl 4710, CB 3490 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3490


Nur Sunar studies innovative business models, policies and technologies, and their impacts on inclusion. A key theme of her current research is doing good with management science.

She is particularly interested in renewable energy technologies (such as rooftop solar panels), sustainability and smart city technologies (such as the Internet of Things, smart meters and residential batteries).

She is also passionate about the operations of online marketplaces/platforms and innovative business solutions for inclusive health. Her earlier work examines firms’ investment strategies under incomplete information and the design of service systems.

Dr. Sunar has collaborated with a variety of companies for research. She uses various methods, including machine learning methods (clustering, deep learning and text mining), data-driven optimization, stochastic analysis, game theory and econometrics.

Dr. Sunar has published papers in leading academic journals such as Management Science, M&SOM and Operations Research. Her research received multiple prestigious awards, including the INFORMS Data Mining Best Paper Award and the People’s Choice Award in the Early-Career Sustainable Operations Management Workshop.

Dr. Sunar teaches courses in operations management.

She received her PhD from Stanford Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and her BS in industrial engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul.