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Recruit Alumni

Outstanding Pool of Talent

At Kenan-Flagler, we pride ourselves on the strengths of our people. These strengths are built not only on an internationally recognized education, but the core values of integrity, inclusion, innovation and impact that infuse everything we do – both in the classroom and across the world.

Over 44,000 alumni add to this firm foundation a wealth of real-world know-how, savvy and commitment to provide an outstanding pool of candidates to meet employers’ needs. Though you will find alumni at all levels of experience, their leadership skills are evidenced by the fact that more than 4,500 of our alumni work in Fortune 500 companies and 2,877 hold C-level positions, including over 400 CEOs. And with our emphasis on global awareness, sustainability and ethics, you will find them to be the kind of valued professionals able to tackle the complex challenges and opportunities your organization faces now and in the future.

Interviewing & Hiring Policies

General Recruiting Policies

UNC Kenan-Flagler has adopted a set of standards to help guide and govern the recruiting process of the students in our programs.  We place a very high premium on professionalism, as do our recruiters.  We encourage you to read the following standards and policies carefully, and address any questions to our Employer Engagement team.

University Honor Code

It shall be the responsibility of every student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to obey and support the enforcement of the Honor Code. The Honor Code prohibits lying, cheating, or stealing when these actions involve academic processes or university, student, or academic personnel acting in an official capacity.

Recruiter Professional Standards

  • Recruiters cannot ask questions during the interview that could be construed by a candidate as unethical, illegal or in violation of personal privacy. Such questions include inquiries about age, marital status, religious preference and sexual orientation.
  • All recruiters must adhere to the standards set forth in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended in 1972), as well as all guidelines established by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Specifically, no firm should discriminate against any candidate on the basis of that individual’s sex, race, color, religion, age, handicap, national or ethnic origin or his/her sexual orientation.
  • Recruiters should not ask students to evaluate the skills or appropriateness of a fellow student for employment.
  • Recruiters should inform students of their application and candidate status, whether positive or negative, in a timely manner. Undue delays or failure to communicate to declined candidates negatively affect a company’s reputation among students.
  • Recruiters should give students at least three business days’ notice for second-round interviews or other events held out of town. Students may have other obligations, including other interviews, which cannot be rescheduled on short notice without penalty to the student.
  • UNC Kenan-Flagler’s various Career Services program teams work diligently to meet the needs of recruiters and students. When making reservations, companies and recruiters should review the confirmation and make any changes immediately. Companies and recruiters are expected to follow the final interview schedules. Changing the final interview schedule can significantly disrupt students prior academic and interview commitments and affects the company’s reputation among the students.

Recruitment Resources

  • Post a job for our alumni, or learn how to get started.
  • Join the UNC Kenan-Flagler Alumni LinkedIn Group. Employers are encouraged to join this LinkedIn group to connect with alumni and promote their openings. Once your membership is approved, you will be able to post Job Discussions viewable by the 11,300+ members of the group.
  • Interested in hosting a virtual company information session or participating in event designed towards recruiting experienced talent from our working professional programs? Please contact our Employer Engagement Team for more information.
  • Learn more about Hiring Our Talent.