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Hiring Top Talent Begins with a Talent Mindset

Most HR and Talent experts agree that the competition for finding global talent will continue for the next few years. Learn how to reshape your talent brand and position your organization for success by adopting a Talent Mindset.

This resource shares insights in the following areas:

  • How to identify the factors that draw talent to your company
  • The cost of a bad hire
  • Who should care about hiring the best
  • The Virtual Bench and how you can fill yours
  • The benefits of an internal talent review

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UNC Executive Development Prepares Leaders and Organizations for Tomorrow

It is time to think differently and challenge assumptions about our ways of working. Your organization’s success depends on its ability to attract and retain its greatest asset — people.

UNC prepares businesses and leaders to generate insights, inspire action, drive positive change, and achieve exceptional results. We are a trusted, top-ranked, internationally acclaimed executive education partner with a renowned faculty network.

We primarily focus on designing customized learning programs for groups of at least 15 leaders. We help organizations develop their people and execute strategies around:

  • Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Accelerating Inclusive Leadership (DE&I)
  • Driving Transformation
  • Creating a Strategic Mindset
  • Integrating Cultures After M&A
  • Fostering a Resilient and Inclusive Organization