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Your Business Challenges

As a talent development professional, you recognize that the success of your organization is in the recruitment, retention and development of human capital. You would like to develop agility within your workforce, empower your people, ensure that high-potentials are made ready for key positions, optimize diversity, manage and coach the leading indicators, and create a culture of continuous learning and self-development—all while anticipating and responding to business imperatives. However, achievement of these goals can be hampered by a number of common factors:

  • An overall shortage of high-quality talent
  • Aging out of senior leadership
  • Changing business needs
  • M&A’s and organizational restructuring
  • Intensifying external drivers

How We Help

We collaborate with you to create solutions that address your talent management requirements and develop the capabilities and attitudes of your people in a practical, observable, measurable way. We are experts in interpreting and assessing the business environment and in designing and executing effective development paths for multiple levels within organizations. We can enter at any point in your talent management value chain, augmenting and complementing as needed.

Business Goals and Talent Implications chart Roles
To effectively meet the business imperatives and prepare for the Future of Work, there is a need to define roles: the required functions and the types of people needed to fulfill those functions.Behaviors
Essential to modern strategic leadership is the ability to clearly define, articulate, observe, and coach the necessary behaviors — the Leading Indicators of performance. These behaviors inform what your people do and how they do it.

Competencies & Attitudes
For your employees and leaders to exhibit the behaviors, it is necessary to develop the critical competencies of knowledge, skill, and methodology, supported by appropriate attitudes and attributes.

Culture & Environment
It is crucial to create and provide an effective environment for your people: the way they are measured and rewarded, the way they are managed, as well as the tools, systems, and infrastructure that are in place to support and reinforce the correct behaviors.

Current Financial Times Executive Education Rankings


Globally for Custom Programs (No. 2 in the U.S.)


Globally for Value for Money (4th year in the top three)


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Source: Financial Times Global Executive Education Rankings