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Leadership Solutions

Our Leadership Solutions combine powerful business acumen and innovative content to prepare you and your organization for everything that is happening today — and tomorrow. The most effective leaders are those who have developed and apply critical competencies in three interdependent dimensions: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Organization.

“Simply put, you can no longer assume you know everything you need to perform well in today’s fluid economy. Everything is changing: the job, the industry, the economy itself. If you want to keep up and get ahead, you have to embrace change as well — building new skills, letting go of old assumptions, and mastering the art of lifelong learning.”

Brad Staats Never Stop Learning
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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” –Aristotle

Leading others


"Being a manager, if done well, is among the most noble of professions” –Clayton Christensen

Leading the organization


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Abraham Lincoln

Leading Self

Successful leadership starts from within. Leaders must be self-aware and have an honest view of self and be able to recognize their impact and influence on others. They demonstrate authentic leadership by leveraging their personal values to drive purpose and vision. Leading self means taking accountability for choices, actions, inactions, behaviors, thoughts, communication, and attitude, and demonstrating resilience and consistent performance under pressure. Sample topics include:

  • Developing Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation
  • Developing E.Q. for Sustainable High Performance
  • Exploring Biases
  • Power of Networking
  • Handling Uncertainty and Complexity
  • Consequences of Power
  • Professional Presence
  • Building Personal Resilience
  • Owning Your Own Development
  • Innovative Thinking

Leading Others

Leaders are most effective if they can scale their impact. Effective leaders have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which best engage, motivate, inspire, develop, and empower other people. They demonstrate inclusive team engagement skills which strengthen people’s ability to adapt with agility, especially in times of stress and uncertainty. Sample topics include:

  • Motivating High Performance
  • Developing & Leading High Performing Teams
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Effective Coaching
  • Building Team Resilience
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Crisis Communication
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Influencing Others

Leading the Organization

Effective leaders author, translate, and effectively communicate a strategy and shared vision that motivates and inspires the people who work within the organization. They actively seek diverse perspectives by collaborating with others both outside and within the organization to drive business results. They balance innovation with smart risk-taking and leverage the strengths of their organization. Sample topics include:

  • Leading Organizational Culture & Alignment
  • Outside-In Strategy Development
  • Strategy Execution During Times of Uncertainty
  • Driving Organizational Transformation
  • Enterprise Thinking
  • Creating the Agile Organization
  • Driving Innovation
  • Customer Centricity
  • Data Driven Decision-Making
  • M&A Integration

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