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Success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover and remain energized. If the challenges of 2020 have highlighted anything, it is that how you manage your time and energy to respond in sustained difficult times is critical. Leaders are being stretched to new limits, facing reductions in resources alongside increased demands in both their professional and personal lives. Effectively managing ongoing uncertainty and long-term pressure could not be more important. Based on 30 years of science-backed and performance-proven strategies, Building Resilience is a transformative virtual experience that allows you to learn in the flow of work while changing the way you respond to and perform under pressure.


  • Recognize and effectively address sources of pressure in your life
  • Focus your priorities to reduce “noise” and pay attention to the right things under pressure
  • Carry more energy through the week by reducing wasted energy and improving your ability to recover
  • Choose the perspective and mental imagery that supports your ability to be at your best
  • Maintain an optimistic and healthy perspective through difficult times
  • Master the resilience toolkit used by elite performers in sport and business to excel under pressure and recover from setbacks

About the Program

Building Resilience is a virtual learning experience that includes six modules, augmented by the Resiliency Map® self-assessment, 1:1 coaching, and an opportunity to meet with the facilitator online for “Office Hours”. At the heart of the program are four 90-minute synchronous (live-instructor-led) modules, bookended by two asynchronous (self-paced) modules. Learn more here.

Do you know of a group of individuals who might benefit from this experience? Learn more about our Building Resilience corporate offer here.